Scavenger Hunt- January!

Thanks to the lovely Kathy for holding a brand spanking new Scavenger Hunt for 2012. Here is my hunt for January. Hope you like.


Platform 2 at Camborne Railway Station. Little Miss and I sometimes wait for the train to come in before heading off to nursery. Little Miss loves waving at the drivers who always wave back and sometimes even sound the horn. That makes her day!


 This was taken on Little Miss's birthday. I was messing about with my camera and my daughters balloon. I was quite pleased with the photo!


It isn't a fab picture. Little Man is far too busy with his bear, Little Miss was poorly with earache and I won't even mention my face! But Mr saw a photo opportunity and I thought, hey? What better company to have than being snuggled with my 2 babies!


Little Miss going off to find the entrance to the park. We had a lovely time when we got in!

In My Bathroom

Yeah this is something inside my bathroom!

In Season

 Ornamental Cabbage growing beautifully outside Truro Cathedral. My Dad spotted this and when he mentioned the words 'in season' I made him stop so I could take a photo.

In The Distance

In the distance we saw the train that made us very nearly late for nursery due to Little Miss insisting that she MUST see that train!


Train journery information at the local station


Little Miss and myself baked some star biscuits. We had great fun!


I thought this was very odd because it was inside the Cathedral. Turns out it is a sculpture to encourage people to think about local homelessness. particularly in rural areas where people cannot be seen and are often forgotten about. The sculpture is called 'The Invisible Sleeper'.


 My hamster Crunchie is super soft and loves a good cuddle!


 I think this is warning enough!

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I'm a Happy Cupcake...

I am feeling good tonight so I thought I'd do a post that wasn't a moan or wasn't a meme. How many memes is too many by the way? I worry about driving my readers away.

Anyway on to my day. Well it all started yesterday actually something just clicked. I am feeling, dare I say it? Positive. For the first time in a long time. I went to sleep planning my meals for the next day, I had done all the chores bar the washing up which I figured was okay because I knew that it would be done the next day anyway. I organised my day pretty well, so well that I missed some TV shows I hate missing (because i'm sad like that) and did my exercise DVD instead!

I'm doing Kirsty Gallagher's workout DVD. It's fairly old I think because I picked it up at my local charity store but I can't believe how gentle but effective the work out felt. It wasn't her dancing around showing off this, that and the other but she was doing the work out with a personal trainer who was still correcting her when she say, didn't pull her stomach in, or her back wasn't straight. Another thing to add was she seemed so down to earth and relaxed which was much better than watching some hyperactive, super fit woman bounce around my screen that I can hardly keep up with. In conclusion i'd recommend a look on or even Ebay..Hey, maybe the DVD is in a charity store near you?

I woke up with renewed energy this morning. Other Half and I got up together (I still slept through my 7.30am alarm but who's perfect..?) had a good breakfast and both the children were happy which is always a big bonus. 
I took Little Miss to school at lunchtime with her scooter and left promising myself that I wasn't going to shout or loose my patience with her, or swear in my head about how slow she's going, how late we will be. I'm glad I did this because we had a lovely walk to school and she was actually much better on her scooter today than yesterday. 

I left her behind and nipped to do my money bits. I have also felt ultra thrifty now the new season of Super Scrimpers has begun and last night I signed up for their Revolution to get saving my pennies. I'm not sure how useful this will be but even if I save a few pounds it's better than nothing! 
I did spend the rest of my day at home because I messed up with the play group times. I'll make up for this by going to the library group again tomorrow. 

Tonight I am leaving my laptop downstairs and swapping a night of good television for watching a Gavin & Stacey DVD in my bedroom while finishing of my wedding invites which need to be done ASAP! 

Until tomorrow you lovely lot

52 weeks to an organised home

There are no photos from last weeks Fridge sort out but i have indeed made a major revamp! Each item I buy from the weekly food shop now has a dedicated shelf in the fridge. In my old fridge the lower drawers broke which was a real bummer. I got a new one from my Mother in Law when they upgraded which was a great thrifty bit of saving and a great donation!

Now I have a usable drawer I have a new place for my vegetables and fruit I wish to keep in the fridge. On the bottom shelf I have decided to keep my orange juice cartons and anything similar. I then have yogurts on the shelf up. We each have our own yogurts which may seem a bit odd...We were buying Tesco yogurts 4 at 50p each and then we discovered Aldi could sell the same amount in the region on 1.70ish which is a few pence saving but I'm happy with that. Then i have my yogurts to pop in, 2 packs of dairy free and then Other Half has his selection which will depend on whats on offer (yogurt snob).

On the 3rd shelf is the cheese and meat section. We buy some ham, a huge block of mature cheese and soft cheese for the children. Little Miss also likes Billy Bear and sometimes we'll buy little cheese treats which are nice snacks. They can all be kept together.

Top shelf is for anything else, butter we stock up on because supermarkets have phases of running out of my dairy free butter and as I like baking I don't wish to run out! I have some hummus up there at the minute as Little Man has learnt to get in the fridge, hummus fingers aren't my idea of fun!

I cleaned up every shelf and the door which holds my mayonnaise, milks, alcoholic free wine, eggs, garlic (seems to last longer!) and any medicine that needs holding in the cold. Now it's all neat and tidy I will take the same approach as my cupboards and clean weekly after a food shop.

This week sees me tackling my recipe books. I don't have a dedicated space but maybe this could be my opportunity to get Other Half to pop a shelf up? I do have loose bits laying around and an almost empty book so If I have the time I shall sit down and transfer my scribbles into my recipe journal.

Hope you're doing as well with organising your home. Hannah x

52 Week Organized Home Challenge

90 Bloggers To Support Through Breast Cancer

There is an appeal from a lovely blogger Kate who blogs at Kate On Thin Ice. She is appealing for 90 bloggers to write 90 words about a woman who is important to them.

The most important woman to me is my Mother but for this post I would like to dedicate it to another special woman in my life: My Aunt. She discovered she had breast cancer and ever since then has made sure my own Mum takes this disease seriously, in turn my Mother has instilled in me the famous words: Touch Look Check.  3 words that Breakthrough Breast Cancer want to instill in every woman as part of being 'breast aware.'

 On their website there is a wealth of information about how to be breast aware yourself, how to get involved with fundraising work and all about the charity itself.

You are a remarkable, honest, totally selfless woman.
You have brought so many lives safely into this world through your job.
You would help anyone, for the want of nothing.
So it was totally unfair when you were diagnosed with Cancer.
When you went through so much physically and mentally.
You got through it. You got the all clear. 
Wonderful news.
You carried on to bring all these happy, healthy babies into the world.
Then into this world you brought my 2 babies.
And now, as their Godmother, they have the most wonderful, perfect woman in their lives as I have.

My Aunt is in the middle holding Little Man on their Christening day

If you'd like to find out more about Breaking Through Breast Cancer then here is their website.

Life Circle-Life Circle

Kate has asked us to look a little forward first to five years ahead and then one year ahead. I have done this previously but this is about starting a fresh for me so that is what I am going to do.

In five years time I will be 27 so still nice and young, go me! My daughter will be 9 so she will be at the end of primary school with my son at the beginning of his primary education. Unless we have another child in 5 years time I would like to think we would still be living where we are because we are happy here overall with decent schools in the vicinity and family close by which is always a bonus.
I will be a qualified massage therapist and working part time therefore prior to that I would have built up my confidence enough to go out and work. I will have the life balance I need, regular working out, spending time with my children, my husband (we will be married very soon!) the essentials (house work) any studies and hobbies and doing more instead of being a home bunny.

So in one years time I will be newly married and happy in my relationship. I will still be a stay-at-home mum because my son will only be one but my daughter will be in full time school from September this year which will give me much more time to myself in terms of getting things done. I enjoy baking but find I often don't get the chance in the day.
I will be going to regular parent toddler groups with my son which will boost my confidence and social skills. I will have got a balanced, healthy diet and be happy with my size and weight as I am working on setting a routine that works for me. I won't ever be a social butterfly as that is not my thing, but I will certainly make an effort to see friends, have my sister over and spend quality time with those who matter.
I will be doing more for me in the way of exercise and hobbies because this really matters to me.

If i have missed anything out I apologise! My confidence is a real thing for me. There is one thing holding me back and that is simple: fear. I don't feel silly having this fear because I know why I have it. I blush A LOT and so far (since I was 9) I have not been able to find a way to deal with this. Because of this I am really holding myself back. I won't volunteer which is ideal for my CV not to mention my confidence. I find it difficult to attend toddler groups which means my children miss out. This is no good and needs looking at. The fact is, and I know this, that i cannot stop excessive blushing (I recommend a Google here)
I won't go on anymore, it's a sensitive subject and one that a lot of people think is daft (because seeing me in this situation is 'Oh so funny')
Finding a life balance is also important to me. It would seem there are so many things to do (or that I want to do) and yet I don't want to prioritise them. Working out over blogging? Housework over sitting on my arse watching TV? I have a repetitive day to day routine which needs to change, this is where toddler groups come in!

Pleas link up your post over at The Five Fs blog. Hannah x

Life Circle

#Snap Slappers! Week 12

Here we are again the crazy bunch of editing obsessed, Picnik mourning photo weirdos who just cannot help but wreak havoc (or beautify) our lovely pictures lurking away in our photo folders....Here's my Snap Slapper entry for this week. Don't forget to click on that lovely badge down there to join in and have some fun with this meme!

Yeah, I used the chics again, they're our friends *cheesy grin*

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers
Five Go Blogging!

No MumenTum..

It has been an awful week for me. Every time I've gone to do something I have been pulled in another direction by someone (namely toddler or baby related of course) which is extremely annoying.
I can't (and won't) blame it all on my little darlings though. My motivation has gone out of the window and I'm not sure when it's gonna bring its sorry ass home to be quite honest!

The past couple of days both Other Half and me have been totally run down with this horrid cold, earache and with Little Miss deciding to play silly buggers at 4 o'clock in the morning and Little Man teething I can honestly and freely admit to being darn right lazy with everything.

I am not myself at all and it is very depressing. I totally get how I am focusing way too much on the fact that I've had a bad week and not enough on making this week count but that just makes it worse in some silly way. Like I've made such a balls up this week that there is even more pressure to be 'good' this week.

I'm really struggling with my diet. I have a restricted diet (I don't eat meat, i can't eat wheat,gluten or dairy) so my meals bore me to death. I have books, I have looked online but the treats and puddings are proving more common and more fun to make! Not that I've made much of anything! I appear to be living off soya mince! Shepard's pie, spag I said last week I freeze this so I can have a good lunch or a dinner if I'm feeling lazy.

I haven't had take out this week which is one thing to be happy about. And I haven't stuffed my face on sweets or chocolate either. And I'm not sad about that. I do feel though that I have a million and one things to do (or rather I want to do) but am reluctant to prioritise them. Lets face it, yes i would rather blog and read a book, watch Eastenders, e-mail than pull out my exercise DVD...But then if I carry on I will be an overweight miserable sod who hates herself blogging, reading and watching Eastenders.....Ohh I think I've just found my motivation!

I'm linking up (bravely this week) with New Mum Online and the fabulous bloggers who are also on the journey of getting their tums back...I WILL get it back!!
Hannah x

Project 366 (23-29)

Quiet Sunday read

Little Man's first time on the swings

Showing my funny face for Friday..
A nice hot chocolate in the evening..and relax...
Poorly Little Miss helped make Daddy a guitar for Fridays nursery
Yummy birthday cake for my Other Half, KitKats and Smarties! With a cute little love heart. 
Little Miss writing out Daddy's birthday card

TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky

Listography !

This weeks Listography is your Top 5 Most visited Internet sites. Mine are not too varied but they are all different! Here are my top 5 then! Don't forget to link up with you top 5 over at Kate Takes 5

1. obviously! I visit Cupcake Mumma everyday to read all my favourite blogger goings on, check for comments and write up any memes and anything else I may feel like writing about!

2. Yahoo. Not the actual site to be honest but this is my mail account which is checked more than twice a day. There's always something in my inbox which is always nice. And no it isn't junk, I have a whole different e-mail account I use for when I fancy signing up to things and bagging some online freebies! 

3. Facebook/Twitter. I only have a personal account on Facebook and that's enough for me thanks! I do like Facebook for being in the know (such a shame being in the know is all done online instead of an actual conversation or letter these days but hey!) I have only just got Twitter, I know it's a bit against the old rules but it's simply i click on FB click off, click on Twitter!

4. Amazon. I love Amazon as it's so cheap. I get craft stuff mostly now and it's really good for Christmas presents too. I loved them even more when I discovered through my sister in law that they sold 'Fluff' Yum!

5. Finally we have Pinterest. Since I requested an invite I have barely been off it and now, if you look to the right of my blog I have even joined a challenge called #Pinaddicts. How cool is that! I could spend forever on this site..I love it!

Not a bad list in my opinion! I think it's time to shut down all these sites now though and put the Little Miss to bed! X

The people on the bus..

Infuriate me. Bemuse me. Frustrate me. Get my raging hormones well...raging!

I went out today with Other Half and Little Man to do the food shop. All went well until time came to board the bus home. Of course our luck would have it that we spent a little longer than planned in the supermarket therefore we had the pleasure (insert own voice of sarcasm) in travelling with the school leavers,

Now here's my rant. What is it about sitting next to someone unknown on the bus? Okay so it can be a bit uncomfortable, especially if they're of the smelly nature but i'd rather be sitting down on a chair than standing at the front blocking all access at the front of the bus. Not to mention being extremely dangerous it's a pain the bloody arse!

I thought the bus was packed so I took one look behind me which made me sigh a little too loudly and slowly begin to feel more and more irritated as I saw all these youngsters and adults staring at the back of the bus but choosing not to move! Elderly ladies were struggling to get passed, people were struggling to leave and all the time I just couldn't help think: Use a brain cell and for the love of God sit down!!!

And rant over.

I'll Show You Mine....OOh!

Not what you were thinking most certainly! Nothing like that goes on here folks *giggles* Nope, I'm taking part in a fabby new meme thought up by the lovely Medicated Follower of Fashion: I'll Show You Mine... A theme is picked each Thursday for the meme, last week it was Show Me Your Fridge and this weeks brings you.....
My Handbag!

This is my favourite handbag. I have 4 handbags in total but this was the last pricey bag I ever bought nearly 4 years ago! Since then it's been the Other Half buying me several others over birthdays that have passed.  This is a Hurley bag. Its massive inside! I use this more these days when we're out for a long day and I've even used it to go from Cornwall to Cambridge as it holds sooo much.
And for the nosey ones amongst you (because I'm the same)

Inside my handbag we have a wealth of crap useful everyday items. 

Baby wipes (2 packs), a couple of nappies, nappy bags (way more than needed), spoon, gloves for me in this chilly weather, my purse, 2 pens, lip salve, library card (should really be in the purse),small tub of sudocream, Bible from an antique store, spare hat, change of baby clothes, spare toy, musical toy for fun, socks, hair ties, dummy, bib, Bookstart library book and my mobile phone. My camera also travels everywhere with me (both the mini one and the larger one can fit in here to!)

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Reasons To Be Cheerful #RTBC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

This week has so far been a bit 50/50. Little Miss has had her cold come out for a final blow, we've had her off nursery with earache and Little Man is teething. Not to mention I have therefore been pretty tired and Other Half starts work tomorrow after his long holiday.


1. I am really happy just for being me. I have changed a lot recently and aim to do more personal development. I talk to people more and i'm starting to feel a littler happier about just being me. Sure i'm not perfect but who the hell is?
2. I went to a baby group on Wednesday for some one on one time with my Little Man. He was so happy and playful it made me feel proud. I'm so glad I went. I had those last minute thoughts of backing out because I hadn't shown my face for so long there..I needn't have worried as I was fine.
3. I'm feeling really creative thanks to Pinterest which has made me feel free in some strange way. I'm sure God made me to be more creative than i am so i'm pleased to be letting my negitive, procrastinating side slip away making way for this new, creative creature!

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Free From Star Biscuits!

For our tea party the other day the Little Miss and I wanted to make something extra special, so we donned our aprons, rolled up our sleeves and got out our ingredients ready to make some yummy gluten and dairy free vanilla flavour star biscuits (complete with pink icing!)

You will need:
~ 100g Vitilite butter, softened
~ 250g Doves gluten free plain flour
~ 110g Caster Sugar or light brown sugar 
~ 1 Egg
~ 1 tsp Vanilla flavouring

~360g Icing Sugar
~ 60mls Water
~ Pink Food Colouring 

What You Need To Do!
Pre-heat oven to 180C/160C fan oven.
Pop your butter, egg and sugar into the bowl and give it a good mix. Afterwards add all of your dry ingredients, not forgetting your vanilla flavouring (not the whole bottle Little Miss!) and give another stir. Your mixture should be nice and dough like now after a little knead! 

Roll out your biscuit dough between grease proof paper or clingfilm (unless your daring like Little Miss and love getting messy use a floured surface) Make a nice thick base and start using a cutter of choice making sure you roll out the odd bits of dough so there's no waste and plenty more biscuits to bake.

Bake your biscuits for 12-15 minutes before taking out to cool. These cook pretty quickly so while you're cooking you can mix your icing sugar together with a small amount of water. Just keep adding water little by little to get the right consistency. Add your food colouring of choice, (I use a colouring paste as this doesn't affect the consistency of your icing.)
Just spoon on your icing and you are done! Enjoy munching away at these yummy biscuits as an after dinner treat or even pop one or two in a lunch box instead of a chocolate bar YUM!

Cupcake Mumma

I Spy...

This week we're spying with our little eyes something beginning with....

Here's my two monsters enjoying time in the Library. If you can find more than one L in here then I salute you, but there is one I am looking for...And i think it's easier than I was originally planning!
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Mum of One

I've got a headache..never mind an earache...

Oh where do i start? Last night Other Half and I were up and down with Little Miss. First she wasn't comfortable, then she needed a drink, then she needed another blanket but then she had an earache. This is the second night running where Little Miss hasn't been her usual well sleeping self that I am now used to after at least 3 years of pure sleeping hell. I can't blame her, earache hurts but when you try to help and are met with cries and whinging you start getting a headache as well as an earache of your own!

The fight to swallow medicine has began. Any tips? I can't seem to make Little Miss understand that unless she takes her calpol then she'll keep getting that nasty sore ear. For now the wrestling approach is all I'm managing seeming as the offer of drinks and food to take the taste away isn't her idea of a good idea. Bribery isn't working either..darn when a mothers' secret weapon fails her she feels a little more than put out!

I'm awfully tired so today the exercise is taking a backseat. I took Little Man to toddler group this morning which was lovely. He had a great time, I fulfilled a promise and felt pretty good to have gone as it was something I had been wanting to get into after loosing some confidence in the past few months.

Also today i had a surprise package..My felt came through! Now when I get my toy stuffing which should come tomorrow I can start making some little felt cuddly items that I have seen on Pinterest. It feels good to be in to crafting and trying again even when I know I'm not that great at it!

What have you been up to today? x

Conception and Pregnancy-One Born Every Minute

After the birth of my first child, Little Miss I swore to myself that I would never put myself through that again. I was sick for the first 3 months of my pregnancy, I felt low very often and I was young at 17 so of course my reaction would be 'No i'm not doing that again!' But after I had my daughter I got Post Natal Depression and this made me fearful of having another child in the future when I started to think about it seriously a few years later.

My partner and I decided after a month that we would like to have another child, a sibling for our daughter and to experience it all again. When we discussed it we had moved into our own flat and both of us felt like we were in a good position to extend our family. It was when our then landlord informed us that they were deciding to sell their property that our visions of extending our family had been temporarily cut short...or so we thought....

As it turned out over the 3 months we had been actively trying for number 2 we had been very lucky in conceiving. When I look back at my dates with my first I also conceived in round about the same time frame. Although it wasn't ideal, and the prospect of having to find a new home was a lot to take in while pregnant we were over the moon to be expecting our second in February 2011.

I was sick again for the first 4 months of my pregnancy, I had one thing after the other to visit the GP about and my hormones sent my anxiety into overdrive coupled with some outside problems. Over all though I had a problem free pregnancy and delivery on February 19th 2011 at 38 Weeks and 1 Day although my midwife looked at him and considered him to be at least a couple of weeks earlier than my dates would suggest. It was a wonderful day.

This post is for the Netmums and Channel 4's One Born Every Minute Blog prompt on Birth Stories. You can read more stories on the Netmums birth story boards or at Netmums Parent Bloggers Network
One Born Every Minute is on Channel 4 at 9pm Wednesday
Hannah x

52 Weeks to an Organised Home Week 3 with Results!

So Week 3 was all about sorting out my food storage areas. I'm lucky in that because my kitchen isn't absolutely mahoosive I don't have too much trouble with food items etc being here, there and everywhere. I have one big cupboard and one tiny cupboard for my food storage.

I took advantage after lunch a couple of days ago to sit on my bottom, wipe out my units and separate all my food items. I happen to have a little OCD issue in me (runs in my genes I believe) when it comes to cleaning and sorting things into sections. It doesn't drive me nuts at all, I find it a little annoying but pretty helpful in the main.

Here is the before picture of my 2 cupboards:

Hmm a little disorganised is being polite! After pondering a while away with the cleaning fairies I soon had this mess sorted out:

Baking items are on top left with cooking items (pasta, bread crumbs etc) on the right. 
Below we have jars and tins with juice and breakfast items at the end. I haven't been shopping so this does look a little odd!

Here we have the top shelf holding my dried fruits and nuts, some of my medicine which wouldn't fit in the appropriate cupboard and some coffee sachets for Other Half when he works.
Second shelf holds bread for the Other Half and the Little Monsters.
Bottom shelf is now tidily holding my gluten free bread and rolls.
Impressed? I am!

Week 4 will be all about food storage but..It's all about my fridge and my freezer....Hmm I don't look forward to this challenge!
Hannah x
52 Week Organized Home Challenge


So here's to another update on the old weight loss/ tone up. I haven't measured myself yet for official, current inches which is fine because I'm not up for knowing those inches just yet.
I have been sorting my eating out before my exercise as I felt this was very important, it's something I am not so good at sticking to. Junk is my love I suppose but now it's sticking to the hips it'll have to go (okay, be cut down!)

I've discovered a nice hot chocolate made with soya milk will relax me in the evenings, sooth a chocolate/sweet craving and generally de-stress me if the day has been particularly long and hard with a demanding clingy baby and a toddler who wants everything done NOW MUMMY! It's a much better solution than pigging out on choc!

I did 3 days of a little exercise to ease myself in, just some sit ups etc nothing cardio like, that's this week as my challenge was to find a exercise DVD in the Charity shops. I found one by Kirsti Gallagher purely by chance so thought 'this must be the one.' I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping I can tonight if I feel a little brighter.

I've been going to bed earlier which has slipped again in the past few days because Other Half has been on holiday and we have been taking advantage of some couples time together watching DVDs and chatting. We have both been getting up in the morning together but recently we've been over sleeping and boy am I feeling sluggish! This needs to go back to normal asap!

Thanks to the discovery of Tesco selling soya mince which I never knew they did, I have been eating better meals. I have been making Sheppard's pie and spaghetti bol in large amounts for freezing when I really cannot decide what to  have for dinner. I have been religiously sticking to a meal plan updating every Wednesday and making sure I'm sticking to being as frugal as possible around the supermarket has stopped me adding any extras.

I had a couple of setbacks. I had a bad appointment last week which led me to feeling pretty down. Instead of cooking a healthy tea I gave in to take out chips. I also had my daughters tea party. I was good and ate a frozen pre-prepared Spag Bol but made such delicious biscuits that I couldn't help but eat them!..At least they lasted til the next day as well.

So some room for improvement. I don't feel the need to beat myself up about any times I've given in and homemade biscuits are better than a pack of shop bought! The main thing is I can clearly see where I'm going. The jeans are still a little tight but the ass feels good! Doing the school run making sure Little Man and the buggy are always with me must be doing the job!

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Snap Slappers!!

I've been absent for....okay too long when you can't count the weeks but I'm back, i'm joining Tuesdays meme of 'Snap Slappers' thought up by Five Go Blogging, the meme that challenges you to upload a photo, pop onto the fab site that is Picnik where you can edit the crap out of it (in a brilliantly wonderful way of course!) then link up. After that you can share some blog love and check out the rest of the lovely Snap Slappers.
So here's my offer for this week (It's Week 11 by the way as I have just found out!)



I thought I'd bring some Spring to my blog early. Brightens up the school car park at any rate.
Don't forget yours!

Five Go Blogging Snap Slappers

I Hate This Feeling..

I've been feeling a bit down of late. One day I have a little down spell another I have the old 'what's the point in getting up' thought. The worst thought for someone who feels almost numb. It's hard to explain for those who don't understand. I have so much to be happy for, and trust me I am, but I can't help how I'm wired. Roll your eyes. Tut. Feel like I'm not worth the bother..I don't care. Well okay, I do care but I wouldn't do the same to you.

I remember a lot of my tasks from last year when I attended CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and I know I need to sit down, focus and go through these steps. I don't want to go back to these sessions as I think and I believe in giving myself a chance to pick myself up and really try incredibly hard to focus on all the positives there are. There doesn't feel a lot at the moment but I know there are.

I've been finding lately that I want to explore places a bit more. I love history but first and foremost I love OUR history. I want to explore the UK and visit those main attractions, those points of historical greatness. I love standing in History. Think about it, you're standing somewhere where something amazing/tragic/wonderful/new to that time happened and it's just brilliant. Who was standing in that same spot all those years ago?

I want to be more creative. I'm a little clumsy when it comes to creative matters. I can make a good cake but I'm never happy with the results. I've joined Pinaddicts which is a new challenge to make something every month and show the world!

I'm frustrated with myself at the moment to say the least. I hate feeling down, I hate what people may think of me and I hate what i think of me. I really feel I've taken so many steps forward then a million more back. I got so confident I started worrying what people thought of me. Had I changed too much? Do people still like me? Some people stopped talking to me...I suppose a quiet doormat was their best friend?

I apologise for the miserable tone of this post. Any words of comfort are always appreciated. How do you motivate yourself when you're feeling blue? Do you ever have that feeling where you're constantly pushing yourself? Does it get easier?

This Week Baby I promise

Last week I promised I would do some baking with my Little Miss which i did. We made cookies and biscuits for her little party which we held on Saturday. I also promised Little Man a bath with Mumma but I didn't get as far as I would've liked, he really doesn't like the water (funny considering he was born in it!)
I thought we'd settle for a snuggle with Mumma instead! He doesn't sit still long enough these days for a long cuddle.

This Week Baby I Promise
We will have that Mumma and baby bath Little Man and we'll try another way! I think Little Miss should jump in too, that would be fun! I will also take you to a baby session.
Little Miss ,we will sit together and make Daddy a special card for his Birthday.

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Mum Of One