The people on the bus..

Infuriate me. Bemuse me. Frustrate me. Get my raging hormones well...raging!

I went out today with Other Half and Little Man to do the food shop. All went well until time came to board the bus home. Of course our luck would have it that we spent a little longer than planned in the supermarket therefore we had the pleasure (insert own voice of sarcasm) in travelling with the school leavers,

Now here's my rant. What is it about sitting next to someone unknown on the bus? Okay so it can be a bit uncomfortable, especially if they're of the smelly nature but i'd rather be sitting down on a chair than standing at the front blocking all access at the front of the bus. Not to mention being extremely dangerous it's a pain the bloody arse!

I thought the bus was packed so I took one look behind me which made me sigh a little too loudly and slowly begin to feel more and more irritated as I saw all these youngsters and adults staring at the back of the bus but choosing not to move! Elderly ladies were struggling to get passed, people were struggling to leave and all the time I just couldn't help think: Use a brain cell and for the love of God sit down!!!

And rant over.

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