So here's to another update on the old weight loss/ tone up. I haven't measured myself yet for official, current inches which is fine because I'm not up for knowing those inches just yet.
I have been sorting my eating out before my exercise as I felt this was very important, it's something I am not so good at sticking to. Junk is my love I suppose but now it's sticking to the hips it'll have to go (okay, be cut down!)

I've discovered a nice hot chocolate made with soya milk will relax me in the evenings, sooth a chocolate/sweet craving and generally de-stress me if the day has been particularly long and hard with a demanding clingy baby and a toddler who wants everything done NOW MUMMY! It's a much better solution than pigging out on choc!

I did 3 days of a little exercise to ease myself in, just some sit ups etc nothing cardio like, that's this week as my challenge was to find a exercise DVD in the Charity shops. I found one by Kirsti Gallagher purely by chance so thought 'this must be the one.' I haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping I can tonight if I feel a little brighter.

I've been going to bed earlier which has slipped again in the past few days because Other Half has been on holiday and we have been taking advantage of some couples time together watching DVDs and chatting. We have both been getting up in the morning together but recently we've been over sleeping and boy am I feeling sluggish! This needs to go back to normal asap!

Thanks to the discovery of Tesco selling soya mince which I never knew they did, I have been eating better meals. I have been making Sheppard's pie and spaghetti bol in large amounts for freezing when I really cannot decide what to  have for dinner. I have been religiously sticking to a meal plan updating every Wednesday and making sure I'm sticking to being as frugal as possible around the supermarket has stopped me adding any extras.

I had a couple of setbacks. I had a bad appointment last week which led me to feeling pretty down. Instead of cooking a healthy tea I gave in to take out chips. I also had my daughters tea party. I was good and ate a frozen pre-prepared Spag Bol but made such delicious biscuits that I couldn't help but eat them!..At least they lasted til the next day as well.

So some room for improvement. I don't feel the need to beat myself up about any times I've given in and homemade biscuits are better than a pack of shop bought! The main thing is I can clearly see where I'm going. The jeans are still a little tight but the ass feels good! Doing the school run making sure Little Man and the buggy are always with me must be doing the job!

Link up below to join in with other Mums trying to be healthier for 2012! Hannah x


  1. Well done on selecting great things to eat, this is half the battle

  2. it's a slog isn't it - but we'll be pleased we kept it up in the end. Good luck for next week.

    1. Thank you been a tough week this week though so not looking forward to next week!

  3. Sounds like you are on the right track. It is what you do most of the time that matters. Watch out for emotional eating - I do that too.
    You sound very in control and self-aware. Well done you

  4. Aw Im the same! But I try to pick out the positive bits lol. Im just honest. I hope you can join in soon after being inspired! x