About Cupcake Mumma

Welcome to Cupcake Mumma, my corner of the web where I have been sharing my growing family, our stories of fun, memories and even the not so great times since 2011 after I gave birth to my youngest child. Newly diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, I felt lonely and wanted to be a part of something. Soon after, Cupcake Mumma was born and I started sharing my family life, ups and downs and everything in between.

Featured on Cupcake Mumma are my two beautiful children: Midge (born in 2008) and Little A (born in 2011)  and my 2 rather wonderful 'step children' Will and James who you will also (and mostly find) hanging out on their Dads blog Inside Martyns Thoughts

 What You Will Find on Cupcake Mumma

I share monthly round ups which are all about keeping a log of what has happened over the course of our month; I write occasional product reviews, and share recipes free from gluten, wheat and milk (mostly puddings I should add..) I enjoy sharing family outings, updates on my mental health, stationery, books and other random thoughts that pop into my head. This blog is ultimately a hobby which I enjoy very much and aim to keep as personal as possible.

About Me!

  • I am totally winging it as a parent
  • I love hamsters and horses
  • I am a book worm. In particular I love historical fiction
  • Pink is my favourite colour
  • I adore random acts of kindness
  • I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder in 2011
  • My favourite film is The Breakfast Club
  • I've been free from gluten, wheat and milk since I was 13 years old
  • Wasps, planes and speaking in front of groups of people are amoung my biggest fears
  • I climbed Mount Snowdon in 2013 with fellow bloggers to support Comic Relief
  • I also slept rough for a night to support a homeless shelter in Bath

I really hope you enjoy your visit to Cupcake Mumma. Please feel free to leave comments on posts, or even catch me on other social media platforms listed to the right of the blog. I love hearing from my readers!

Cupcake Mumma