I'm a Happy Cupcake...

I am feeling good tonight so I thought I'd do a post that wasn't a moan or wasn't a meme. How many memes is too many by the way? I worry about driving my readers away.

Anyway on to my day. Well it all started yesterday actually something just clicked. I am feeling, dare I say it? Positive. For the first time in a long time. I went to sleep planning my meals for the next day, I had done all the chores bar the washing up which I figured was okay because I knew that it would be done the next day anyway. I organised my day pretty well, so well that I missed some TV shows I hate missing (because i'm sad like that) and did my exercise DVD instead!

I'm doing Kirsty Gallagher's workout DVD. It's fairly old I think because I picked it up at my local charity store but I can't believe how gentle but effective the work out felt. It wasn't her dancing around showing off this, that and the other but she was doing the work out with a personal trainer who was still correcting her when she say, didn't pull her stomach in, or her back wasn't straight. Another thing to add was she seemed so down to earth and relaxed which was much better than watching some hyperactive, super fit woman bounce around my screen that I can hardly keep up with. In conclusion i'd recommend a look on Play.com or even Ebay..Hey, maybe the DVD is in a charity store near you?

I woke up with renewed energy this morning. Other Half and I got up together (I still slept through my 7.30am alarm but who's perfect..?) had a good breakfast and both the children were happy which is always a big bonus. 
I took Little Miss to school at lunchtime with her scooter and left promising myself that I wasn't going to shout or loose my patience with her, or swear in my head about how slow she's going, how late we will be. I'm glad I did this because we had a lovely walk to school and she was actually much better on her scooter today than yesterday. 

I left her behind and nipped to do my money bits. I have also felt ultra thrifty now the new season of Super Scrimpers has begun and last night I signed up for their Revolution to get saving my pennies. I'm not sure how useful this will be but even if I save a few pounds it's better than nothing! 
I did spend the rest of my day at home because I messed up with the play group times. I'll make up for this by going to the library group again tomorrow. 

Tonight I am leaving my laptop downstairs and swapping a night of good television for watching a Gavin & Stacey DVD in my bedroom while finishing of my wedding invites which need to be done ASAP! 

Until tomorrow you lovely lot


  1. Lovely post. Good luck with the wedding invites. I loved doing ours. It was nine years ago I was making ours!

    1. Nine years, one day I hope I'll be writing something like that one a comment! Thank-you i am enjoying it. I've made it deliberately simple though! x