National Geographic Practical STEM Kit Review!


As part of our Bandai Ambassadors role we have had yet more fun with another new set of STEM kits by National Geographic. This is our final review with Bandai and we have loved our National Geographic sets.

This time our wonderful Midge jumped at the chance to review the Ultimate Play Sand Kit. This retails at £11.99 on Amazon.

Midge and Will love anything like this and have already added the sand to their Christmas lists so they  can have even more to play with!

Review: National Geographic Mini Dig Kits


Today I wanted to show you our latest review of National Geographic's STEM kits. The boys were thrilled to get a mini dig kit this time from Bandai and Will in particular wanted to dive right in with his mini dig kit. I think they're liking their Ambassador role!

Review: National Geographic Build Your Own Volcano!


We have another fun National Geographic STEM kit to share with you! In June, as part of our Bandai Ambassador role, we were gifted a volcano kit to try out. We had fun reviewing our crystals so we're excited to try this kit next.

The kit has everything you need to build your own volcano. You will be making a plaster mix for your volcano so make sure you do this somewhere that's easy to clean up!

Review! Zuru Bunch O Balloons Summer Fun PLUS GIVEAWAY!


We have had some super hot weather this week and to say the children were excited to get a Zuru Bunch O Balloons with water soaker delivery in the same week would be an understatement! 

We have been sent a Zuru Bunch O Balloons water filler/soaker which comes with a set of water balloons plus 3 extra packs and a cool towel (which to save arguments I have placed dibs on!)

After a bit of nagging I've finally got around to letting the kids unleash the balloons and soaker in the back garden. 

Review ~ STEM Fun with Sea Monkeys and Blue Crystal Growing

We have been sent these products to review, all thoughts, images and opinions are our own!


We've been selected to be Bandai Ambassors here at the Cupcake Kitney house and have really enjoyed experimenting with some of their products. 

First we tried out the The Original Sea Monkey Ocean Zoo kit (Age 4+). We are looking at a mix of topics in science and one of them is environments and eco systems. This is a fun, easy and simple way to explore this topic.

Reasons to be Cheerful ~ Half Term and Yummy Food!

It's been half term this week, only a week but I'm one of those evil parents who thinks a week is quite enough of a holiday but then we do deal with more than the average fall out so maybe I'm justified in my half term dread!

I wanted to do some reasons to be cheerful because I don't blog all that often these days. It often feels fake to write about good things when you don't want to also write about the not so good things. I don't ever want to paint that happy family picture, it's no good to anyone least of all me!

This week Mr K decided he finally wanted to do something about his weight which has piled on (as has mine) over the past couple of years. I've decided to join him but only if he cooks because he is a lush cook and I do not associate dieting with good food unfortunetly! 

Above is one of his yummy dishes. Basa fillet in spices, on salad with chopped potato cooked in salt, pepper and cider vinegar. So yummy!

On Trend Gift Ideas for Father's Day

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This year, in the UK, Father’s day is 16th June, a day I am really looking forward to. It is always nice to spoil Mr K. But, working out what to buy him can be a bit of a headache and I know a lot of my friends feel the same, especially when their kids turn to them for their Father’s Day gift inspiration. So, with this in mind, I thought a short list of trendy men’s gift ideas would be welcomed by many of you.

 Trendy clothes and accessories

It is really easy to go to somewhere like to browse all of the latest men’s clothing. Online retailers like them stock literally thousands of items that would make great gifts. Increasingly, these retailers cater to all age groups and usually stock a good range of accessories as well as clothes. A new wallet, money clip or belt can make a great present.