No MumenTum..

It has been an awful week for me. Every time I've gone to do something I have been pulled in another direction by someone (namely toddler or baby related of course) which is extremely annoying.
I can't (and won't) blame it all on my little darlings though. My motivation has gone out of the window and I'm not sure when it's gonna bring its sorry ass home to be quite honest!

The past couple of days both Other Half and me have been totally run down with this horrid cold, earache and with Little Miss deciding to play silly buggers at 4 o'clock in the morning and Little Man teething I can honestly and freely admit to being darn right lazy with everything.

I am not myself at all and it is very depressing. I totally get how I am focusing way too much on the fact that I've had a bad week and not enough on making this week count but that just makes it worse in some silly way. Like I've made such a balls up this week that there is even more pressure to be 'good' this week.

I'm really struggling with my diet. I have a restricted diet (I don't eat meat, i can't eat wheat,gluten or dairy) so my meals bore me to death. I have books, I have looked online but the treats and puddings are proving more common and more fun to make! Not that I've made much of anything! I appear to be living off soya mince! Shepard's pie, spag I said last week I freeze this so I can have a good lunch or a dinner if I'm feeling lazy.

I haven't had take out this week which is one thing to be happy about. And I haven't stuffed my face on sweets or chocolate either. And I'm not sad about that. I do feel though that I have a million and one things to do (or rather I want to do) but am reluctant to prioritise them. Lets face it, yes i would rather blog and read a book, watch Eastenders, e-mail than pull out my exercise DVD...But then if I carry on I will be an overweight miserable sod who hates herself blogging, reading and watching Eastenders.....Ohh I think I've just found my motivation!

I'm linking up (bravely this week) with New Mum Online and the fabulous bloggers who are also on the journey of getting their tums back...I WILL get it back!!
Hannah x