I've got a headache..never mind an earache...

Oh where do i start? Last night Other Half and I were up and down with Little Miss. First she wasn't comfortable, then she needed a drink, then she needed another blanket but then she had an earache. This is the second night running where Little Miss hasn't been her usual well sleeping self that I am now used to after at least 3 years of pure sleeping hell. I can't blame her, earache hurts but when you try to help and are met with cries and whinging you start getting a headache as well as an earache of your own!

The fight to swallow medicine has began. Any tips? I can't seem to make Little Miss understand that unless she takes her calpol then she'll keep getting that nasty sore ear. For now the wrestling approach is all I'm managing seeming as the offer of drinks and food to take the taste away isn't her idea of a good idea. Bribery isn't working either..darn when a mothers' secret weapon fails her she feels a little more than put out!

I'm awfully tired so today the exercise is taking a backseat. I took Little Man to toddler group this morning which was lovely. He had a great time, I fulfilled a promise and felt pretty good to have gone as it was something I had been wanting to get into after loosing some confidence in the past few months.

Also today i had a surprise package..My felt came through! Now when I get my toy stuffing which should come tomorrow I can start making some little felt cuddly items that I have seen on Pinterest. It feels good to be in to crafting and trying again even when I know I'm not that great at it!

What have you been up to today? x


  1. You will end up great at making your felt toys...all crafts take practise at first. I look forward to hearing how you on with them.

    Im sure other people will have good advise about giving meds but do you use a syringe? (obviously without the needle, lol) most chemists will give you one if you ask. Just lay her across your lap, tip her head back and squirt the meds in. She might squirm a bit but as long as you get the calpol in it doesnt matter xxx

    1. Thank-you for another lovely comment :) I can't wait to make them I have to remember to keep practicing.
      Thanks for the tip as well give it a try tomorrow! Fingers crossed she will be all better then though. Very handy tip for Little Man though.Hope you're well xxx