This Week Baby I promise

Last week I promised I would do some baking with my Little Miss which i did. We made cookies and biscuits for her little party which we held on Saturday. I also promised Little Man a bath with Mumma but I didn't get as far as I would've liked, he really doesn't like the water (funny considering he was born in it!)
I thought we'd settle for a snuggle with Mumma instead! He doesn't sit still long enough these days for a long cuddle.

This Week Baby I Promise
We will have that Mumma and baby bath Little Man and we'll try another way! I think Little Miss should jump in too, that would be fun! I will also take you to a baby session.
Little Miss ,we will sit together and make Daddy a special card for his Birthday.

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Mum Of One


Mum Of One said...

Ah, lovely! You must have a huge bath! Mine is so tiny managed to get wedged in it while pregnant and had to be heaved out by Mr B. Not my finest moment LOL ;)

Anonymous said...

Great promises! I don't think I could manage both of mine in the bath. We'd be slipping all over the place ;)

Hannah said...

It must bigger than average then! lol Sorry to laugh out loud at your misfortune! :-)

Hannah said...

Lol it's messy but it is fun! I have sticky mats in my bath..I'm not going anywhere!!