Life Circle-Life Circle

Kate has asked us to look a little forward first to five years ahead and then one year ahead. I have done this previously but this is about starting a fresh for me so that is what I am going to do.

In five years time I will be 27 so still nice and young, go me! My daughter will be 9 so she will be at the end of primary school with my son at the beginning of his primary education. Unless we have another child in 5 years time I would like to think we would still be living where we are because we are happy here overall with decent schools in the vicinity and family close by which is always a bonus.
I will be a qualified massage therapist and working part time therefore prior to that I would have built up my confidence enough to go out and work. I will have the life balance I need, regular working out, spending time with my children, my husband (we will be married very soon!) the essentials (house work) any studies and hobbies and doing more instead of being a home bunny.

So in one years time I will be newly married and happy in my relationship. I will still be a stay-at-home mum because my son will only be one but my daughter will be in full time school from September this year which will give me much more time to myself in terms of getting things done. I enjoy baking but find I often don't get the chance in the day.
I will be going to regular parent toddler groups with my son which will boost my confidence and social skills. I will have got a balanced, healthy diet and be happy with my size and weight as I am working on setting a routine that works for me. I won't ever be a social butterfly as that is not my thing, but I will certainly make an effort to see friends, have my sister over and spend quality time with those who matter.
I will be doing more for me in the way of exercise and hobbies because this really matters to me.

If i have missed anything out I apologise! My confidence is a real thing for me. There is one thing holding me back and that is simple: fear. I don't feel silly having this fear because I know why I have it. I blush A LOT and so far (since I was 9) I have not been able to find a way to deal with this. Because of this I am really holding myself back. I won't volunteer which is ideal for my CV not to mention my confidence. I find it difficult to attend toddler groups which means my children miss out. This is no good and needs looking at. The fact is, and I know this, that i cannot stop excessive blushing (I recommend a Google here)
I won't go on anymore, it's a sensitive subject and one that a lot of people think is daft (because seeing me in this situation is 'Oh so funny')
Finding a life balance is also important to me. It would seem there are so many things to do (or that I want to do) and yet I don't want to prioritise them. Working out over blogging? Housework over sitting on my arse watching TV? I have a repetitive day to day routine which needs to change, this is where toddler groups come in!

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Life Circle

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  1. Hi

    Baby steps. I am sure you can manage to do it in dribs and drabs. Each time you do something outside of your comfort zone, it will get a little bit easier. The challenge will be working on ways to push yourself to do it and some coping strategies alongside.

    Thanks for joining in.