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After the birth of my first child, Little Miss I swore to myself that I would never put myself through that again. I was sick for the first 3 months of my pregnancy, I felt low very often and I was young at 17 so of course my reaction would be 'No i'm not doing that again!' But after I had my daughter I got Post Natal Depression and this made me fearful of having another child in the future when I started to think about it seriously a few years later.

My partner and I decided after a month that we would like to have another child, a sibling for our daughter and to experience it all again. When we discussed it we had moved into our own flat and both of us felt like we were in a good position to extend our family. It was when our then landlord informed us that they were deciding to sell their property that our visions of extending our family had been temporarily cut short...or so we thought....

As it turned out over the 3 months we had been actively trying for number 2 we had been very lucky in conceiving. When I look back at my dates with my first I also conceived in round about the same time frame. Although it wasn't ideal, and the prospect of having to find a new home was a lot to take in while pregnant we were over the moon to be expecting our second in February 2011.

I was sick again for the first 4 months of my pregnancy, I had one thing after the other to visit the GP about and my hormones sent my anxiety into overdrive coupled with some outside problems. Over all though I had a problem free pregnancy and delivery on February 19th 2011 at 38 Weeks and 1 Day although my midwife looked at him and considered him to be at least a couple of weeks earlier than my dates would suggest. It was a wonderful day.

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