90 Bloggers To Support Through Breast Cancer

There is an appeal from a lovely blogger Kate who blogs at Kate On Thin Ice. She is appealing for 90 bloggers to write 90 words about a woman who is important to them.

The most important woman to me is my Mother but for this post I would like to dedicate it to another special woman in my life: My Aunt. She discovered she had breast cancer and ever since then has made sure my own Mum takes this disease seriously, in turn my Mother has instilled in me the famous words: Touch Look Check.  3 words that Breakthrough Breast Cancer want to instill in every woman as part of being 'breast aware.'

 On their website there is a wealth of information about how to be breast aware yourself, how to get involved with fundraising work and all about the charity itself.

You are a remarkable, honest, totally selfless woman.
You have brought so many lives safely into this world through your job.
You would help anyone, for the want of nothing.
So it was totally unfair when you were diagnosed with Cancer.
When you went through so much physically and mentally.
You got through it. You got the all clear. 
Wonderful news.
You carried on to bring all these happy, healthy babies into the world.
Then into this world you brought my 2 babies.
And now, as their Godmother, they have the most wonderful, perfect woman in their lives as I have.

My Aunt is in the middle holding Little Man on their Christening day

If you'd like to find out more about Breaking Through Breast Cancer then here is their website.


  1. What a lovely post. I'm glad your aunt is better.

  2. So pleased you have this special woman in your life and how wonderful for her to do such a special job including for you. Thanks for spreading the breast cancer awareness message and linking up