I'll Show You Mine....OOh!

Not what you were thinking most certainly! Nothing like that goes on here folks *giggles* Nope, I'm taking part in a fabby new meme thought up by the lovely Medicated Follower of Fashion: I'll Show You Mine... A theme is picked each Thursday for the meme, last week it was Show Me Your Fridge and this weeks brings you.....
My Handbag!

This is my favourite handbag. I have 4 handbags in total but this was the last pricey bag I ever bought nearly 4 years ago! Since then it's been the Other Half buying me several others over birthdays that have passed.  This is a Hurley bag. Its massive inside! I use this more these days when we're out for a long day and I've even used it to go from Cornwall to Cambridge as it holds sooo much.
And for the nosey ones amongst you (because I'm the same)

Inside my handbag we have a wealth of crap useful everyday items. 

Baby wipes (2 packs), a couple of nappies, nappy bags (way more than needed), spoon, gloves for me in this chilly weather, my purse, 2 pens, lip salve, library card (should really be in the purse),small tub of sudocream, Bible from an antique store, spare hat, change of baby clothes, spare toy, musical toy for fun, socks, hair ties, dummy, bib, Bookstart library book and my mobile phone. My camera also travels everywhere with me (both the mini one and the larger one can fit in here to!)

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