52 weeks to an organised home

There are no photos from last weeks Fridge sort out but i have indeed made a major revamp! Each item I buy from the weekly food shop now has a dedicated shelf in the fridge. In my old fridge the lower drawers broke which was a real bummer. I got a new one from my Mother in Law when they upgraded which was a great thrifty bit of saving and a great donation!

Now I have a usable drawer I have a new place for my vegetables and fruit I wish to keep in the fridge. On the bottom shelf I have decided to keep my orange juice cartons and anything similar. I then have yogurts on the shelf up. We each have our own yogurts which may seem a bit odd...We were buying Tesco yogurts 4 at 50p each and then we discovered Aldi could sell the same amount in the region on 1.70ish which is a few pence saving but I'm happy with that. Then i have my yogurts to pop in, 2 packs of dairy free and then Other Half has his selection which will depend on whats on offer (yogurt snob).

On the 3rd shelf is the cheese and meat section. We buy some ham, a huge block of mature cheese and soft cheese for the children. Little Miss also likes Billy Bear and sometimes we'll buy little cheese treats which are nice snacks. They can all be kept together.

Top shelf is for anything else, butter we stock up on because supermarkets have phases of running out of my dairy free butter and as I like baking I don't wish to run out! I have some hummus up there at the minute as Little Man has learnt to get in the fridge, hummus fingers aren't my idea of fun!

I cleaned up every shelf and the door which holds my mayonnaise, milks, alcoholic free wine, eggs, garlic (seems to last longer!) and any medicine that needs holding in the cold. Now it's all neat and tidy I will take the same approach as my cupboards and clean weekly after a food shop.

This week sees me tackling my recipe books. I don't have a dedicated space but maybe this could be my opportunity to get Other Half to pop a shelf up? I do have loose bits laying around and an almost empty book so If I have the time I shall sit down and transfer my scribbles into my recipe journal.

Hope you're doing as well with organising your home. Hannah x

52 Week Organized Home Challenge


  1. I am so proud of you. I am trying to catch up with you too!!! Whew, good job:)

    1. Ah Reecea you are too kind! It isn't easy though is it? Keep plodding on lovely lady :) x