Scavenger Hunt- January!

Thanks to the lovely Kathy for holding a brand spanking new Scavenger Hunt for 2012. Here is my hunt for January. Hope you like.


Platform 2 at Camborne Railway Station. Little Miss and I sometimes wait for the train to come in before heading off to nursery. Little Miss loves waving at the drivers who always wave back and sometimes even sound the horn. That makes her day!


 This was taken on Little Miss's birthday. I was messing about with my camera and my daughters balloon. I was quite pleased with the photo!


It isn't a fab picture. Little Man is far too busy with his bear, Little Miss was poorly with earache and I won't even mention my face! But Mr saw a photo opportunity and I thought, hey? What better company to have than being snuggled with my 2 babies!


Little Miss going off to find the entrance to the park. We had a lovely time when we got in!

In My Bathroom

Yeah this is something inside my bathroom!

In Season

 Ornamental Cabbage growing beautifully outside Truro Cathedral. My Dad spotted this and when he mentioned the words 'in season' I made him stop so I could take a photo.

In The Distance

In the distance we saw the train that made us very nearly late for nursery due to Little Miss insisting that she MUST see that train!


Train journery information at the local station


Little Miss and myself baked some star biscuits. We had great fun!


I thought this was very odd because it was inside the Cathedral. Turns out it is a sculpture to encourage people to think about local homelessness. particularly in rural areas where people cannot be seen and are often forgotten about. The sculpture is called 'The Invisible Sleeper'.


 My hamster Crunchie is super soft and loves a good cuddle!


 I think this is warning enough!

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing your photos and the bathroom sign raised a smile, hehe!

    1. Im glad it made you smile! I found it in B&Q but thought that's ideal for a bathroom! haha

  2. That sign in your bathroom made me laugh!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Its rare to have both the children sat still!

  4. This is a great idea-lovely pics! x

  5. Great photos i like the warning one.

  6. I like it! Especially the photo of you all snuggled up! x

  7. Your bathroom sign is brilliant - definitely raised a smile. That ornamental cabbage is amazing, such beautiful colours.

    1. Haha thanks Eileen im glad it made you smile! Im so glad my Dad spotted the cabbage I had never heard of one before. Thank you for commenting x

  8. Great selection of photos, I like the cabbage one those colours are just amazing.

    1. Thank you Paula, I love purple im glad my dad spotted it!

  9. Lovely photos. I do like the look of the ornamental cabbages, very shabby chic I think!
    How fab that the train drivrd sound their horn for your little one, little things can really make your day.
    Lisa x

    1. Hey Lisa it is nice isn't it. Havent anything as nice for next S.H which is a shame! I love it when they wave and sound the horn for the little ones, really nice you're right. Thanks for commenting xx