Free From Star Biscuits!

For our tea party the other day the Little Miss and I wanted to make something extra special, so we donned our aprons, rolled up our sleeves and got out our ingredients ready to make some yummy gluten and dairy free vanilla flavour star biscuits (complete with pink icing!)

You will need:
~ 100g Vitilite butter, softened
~ 250g Doves gluten free plain flour
~ 110g Caster Sugar or light brown sugar 
~ 1 Egg
~ 1 tsp Vanilla flavouring

~360g Icing Sugar
~ 60mls Water
~ Pink Food Colouring 

What You Need To Do!
Pre-heat oven to 180C/160C fan oven.

Pop your butter, egg and sugar into the bowl and give it a good mix. Afterwards add all of your dry ingredients, not forgetting your vanilla flavouring (not the whole bottle Little Miss!) and give another stir. Your mixture should be nice and dough like now after a little knead! 

Roll out your biscuit dough between grease proof paper or clingfilm (unless your daring like Little Miss and love getting messy use a floured surface) Make a nice thick base and start using a cutter of choice making sure you roll out the odd bits of dough so there's no waste and plenty more biscuits to bake.

Bake your biscuits for 12-15 minutes before taking out to cool. These cook pretty quickly so while you're cooking you can mix your icing sugar together with a small amount of water. Just keep adding water little by little to get the right consistency. Add your food colouring of choice, (I use a colouring paste as this doesn't affect the consistency of your icing.)

Dip your biscuits into the icing mix for a nice coating, or spoon the icing on and you are done! Enjoy munching away at these yummy biscuits as an after dinner treat!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. How gorgeous is little miss's outfit?!! Awww!

  2. Thanks! I would never have bought if I hadn't won a gift voucher lol Can't for the sun to come out more so she can show it off!