The Great British Budget The Final Week

It's the last week of the Great British Budget and I'm pretty pleased with how it's all gone for us. We plan meals regularly and are all eating better as a result. I've even registered with Change4Life for more budget recipe ideas especially ones for the children.

I've continued to lay out my incoming and outgoing finances on the Money Hub app which I installed free on my mobile device. Everything is written down for March so I know exactly what I've got spare as I take on some house redecorating!

I'm really pleased with this weeks shop which only cost me £40 from Tesco. I need to visit the 99p store for lunch box items because that's where these bits are cheapest. I still want to get back into shopping around but it's just been too difficult this month.

My Costa buying was never going to go down easily! I love having one on the school run once or twice a week and I have spent less than I did in January! Money off vouchers have lessened the guilt quite a bit I must add.

I've really enjoyed taking part in The Great British Budget. It has certainly been worth doing because now I think twice as I go around the supermarket and I've been a bit tighter with the pennies, allowing me to start purchasing items for the home and that's a great feeling.

How has The Great British Budget helped you? Let me know!

Cupcake Mumma

Week 2 and 3 of my Great British Budget

We've had a poorly household these past two weeks so keeping track of my budgeting hasn't been a top priority. In terms of bills we're sorted and I made a great effort with my meal plan for week 2. Because of this nasty cold virus though many of the days meals for week 3 weren't even cooked so I've saved the meal plan for our last week.

Week 2 saw me spend £49 exactly on groceries. I would be pleased except that I had to leave out some of my free from items because I was restricted to one superstore instead of being able to shop around which suited us so well in week 1.

Week 3 was virtually the same without being able to get out so hubby did the shop after work which totalled £45. At least this time we could buy the free from food I needed and we had most of the ingredients for our next meals (we shop every Thursday/Friday) I think we still spent more because I asked for a treat (totally didn't need it) and hubby added in a pizza for tea plus buying items I left off the list on purpose (I now have loads of soya milk!) I guess he thought I forgot but without the above, our grocery bill would've been lower.

Next week I have one bill to go out, and the children's savings to add to. I have saving accounts with the same bank I use and they both have nearly £300 each so far which I'm so pleased with. I probably should pay more attention to other accounts though but at least I know their accounts aren't getting taxed.

We won't talk about Costa though..well okay I have gone over my 1 costa a week and I don't plan to have any in week 4 (a goal perhaps!?) but one thing I DO know, is that I have NOT spent £30 on the blasted hot chocolates this month. Go me! In fact, in week 1 I bought my mother one for the first time and last week I bought 2 hot chocolates for Midge and her friend as a half term treat.

It's never too late to start looking at your finances and learning to budget. I use the money hub app each month to work out my incoming money and outgoing money as well as listing all my bills properly because I'm prone to forgetting! Do join the conversation on twitter by following @yourwealthuk and #greatbritishbudget I hope everyone already on board is doing well!

Join the Great British Budget Challenge
Cupcake Mumma

Love The Little Things #7

This week has been dominated by a very nasty cold and my Little A. It's spoiled half term for Midge (almost, we didn't let it completely) and really did put a downer on A's birthday so that will have to be celebrated properly at a later date. For this week my Little Loves probably won't be that great!

I've only managed to catch up on my blog reading this week in the early hours. I'm pleased because I've done lots of commenting and my feed gets back logged real quick! Hopefully I'll get to read my new book and continue to work through Feel the Fear and do it Anyway.

I watched The Brit Awards. Cringe, cringe, cringe end of! I've enjoyed Eastenders this week with Stacey's return and finally watched both Despicable Me films which I love!

I've not listened to any music this week. Max and Ruby has made a return this week so that intro has been playing through my house but then at least it's a break from Spongebob!

It's been a big PJ week for all of us this week. I've literally been in them all but one day when I threw on a hoody and some blue jeans.

Amazingly I made A's birthday cake on Tuesday ready for the morning:

And Lastly
I'm really hoping A is better by the weekend. In really looking forward to my Mamas Retreat with lots of lovely Mums but it'll be hard to enjoy knowing A is still poorly so fingers crossed for good health!

Cupcake Mumma


Siblings ~ February

At the weekend we went to my parents house which is very close to a beautiful beach. We went down to see the harbour empty of boats because of the awful weather. Little A and Midge enjoyed looking into the distance, watching the waves grow steadily more rough and peering over the walls to see the beach.

They both saw a boat that had been pulled in after getting damaged by the waves. A perfect photo opportunity.

Then they wanted to be higher up. I sat them down together to get a better view of the harbour. Another beautiful sibling photo.

I'm linking this post up with Dear Beautiful and her wonderful Siblings project.

dear beautiful
Cupcake Mumma


Today my little boy is 3. It's been an interesting couple of years with Little A, mostly good of course. I can only imagine what year 3 brings. Can the tantrums get worse? Really? They've just started to calm so fingers crossed.
I'm looking forward to more words and conversations. He can say our names, tell us various things he's after (sometimes with a bit of guesswork!) he'll shout 'where are you!' And 'wake up!' If I'm not paying him full attention.

The bond Little A has with Midge is still a close one. Midge isn't yet finding him annoying and wanting to be alone. Phew. They run around, play games, kick the football around, it's lovely to watch.

So three. We are now three! Happy Birthday my beautiful, wonderful Little Man.

Love Mummy xxxx

Project Kindness 2014: Give Blood

Last week I wrote about finally getting my Organ Donor card and staying with a similar theme, this week I'm sharing with you the day I gave blood for the first time!

I was incredibly nervous about giving blood. I researched it all a lot and asked people who had already done it. I don't think people are all that truthful about the whole process, in fact they take great pleasure in over dramatising the needle which is inserted on the inside of your arm! Not very kind when you have a fear of the things! Here i'll tell you honestly about the day I gave blood for the first time. I hope it helps someone decide they would like to give blood too. Or perhaps you're waiting to do it and just as nervous as I was!

I was late to my appointment, on Valentines Day, because I couldn't find the center it was held at. Luckily though the nurses were okay with this and gave me a slot anyway. They really don't often turn anyone away because the need for blood donations is so high. They really are grateful for each person who comes through their door.

I handed over the form I was sent in the post, a simple questionnaire to make sure I wasn't unwell, had any diseases or at risk of any diseases. As I sat and waited for roughly 20 minutes I read 2 leaflets presented to me. The first was about the procedure and what my blood would be used for. The second leaflet was for me to take home and browse whenever I wanted to. The nurse explained both leaflets to me.

Then it was my turn! Eek! I went into a made up cubical where the nurse asked after my general health, went through my questionnaire, asked if I had any questions and presented me with a large cup of water. It's really important you eat and drink well before donating blood to ensure you feel the best you can both during and after donation. The next stage was to take a blood sample. A very simple finger prick, a little squeeze and then the blood is dropped into a sample pot. Your blood sample should fall within 15 seconds to ensure you have a good iron count. (Mine dropped 'like a rock' *gold star*)

I proceeded to another cubical where I nibbled on some biscuits and finished my large water. In under 10 minutes it was time to give away just under a pint of my blood. I was seated in a rather large but comfy chair, fully adjustable to my height which helped! Firstly, the nurse placed a blood pressure cuff on my upper right arm to check how easy it was to get a vein for the blood donation. This involves some hand clenching to exercise the muscles. I was handed a sheet with various exercises to perform during the donation process such as crossing my legs and uncrossing them (just one example) again, this helps you to not feel woozy during the process.

Now the part I was most nervous of. Everything was set up, bag labelled, arm sterilised and needle ready to go. Now the needle. I'd say this needle is as thick as two regular needles put together. Not that thick then really. It has a shaped, open end allowing blood to run through the needle and down the tubes into the bag collecting your donation. It's about as long as my little finger. No, not 'massive' and only the very tip is inserted into your arm, not fun but not painful. Perhaps unpleasant.

I was then left to daydream, exercise my legs (which felt pretty heavy so I liked to keep them moving) and open and close my right hand to ensure my blood flow kept steady and didn't slow down. The nurses are there to offer help at all times, they were all friendly and especially reassuring to those of us who had never given blood before.

I spent 10 or 15 minutes giving my blood donation. When I finished I had 2 cups of juice (I think this is normal for first timers because regular givers had one drink) I also had a few biscuits (my own- they should provide a free from option I think)

That was it. Done and dusted I felt really pleased with myself. If you have any questions, just drop me a comment or you can tweet these lovely people @GiveBloodNHS


Now, what next on my Project Kindness list!?

Cupcake Mumma

Love The Little Things #6

Last week started off pants until I got to Thursday and met two wonderful ladies in Penzance and gave blood on Friday. Here are my little loves for this week:


This week I finished off my old book and started on a new one the lovely Joy sent me in the post. I'm very grateful because Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway has some great suggestions for helping people move forward with their confidence issues or in my case anxiety. I've been reading it slowing because it brings back some painful memories of school which I need to work through and realise is all in the past and may not ever happen again.

For our date night, Jay and I watched The Black Swan. I felt really frustrated with the main character but towards the end the film really picks up. I love anything to do with ballet anyway because I'm fascinated by the way the dancers move. I've also stuck to Coach Trip which I love popping on after the little ones go to bed.

I've mainly heard the awful wind and hail on the house late at night. I really hate it, such a wuss! I've also heard the wonderful sound of crashing waves as I visited my parents at the weekend. Mother Nature is not in a happy place I can tell you!


This week has been a wash out! I've worn my wellies several times which are quickly becoming 2 useless boots with holes in *sob* I've ignored the awful weather on several occasions and declared it a black jeans and converse day!

I made a bunch of valentines day cards to post to America and Canada for a swap. I also made my nieces birthday card so my plan to only give homemade or already bought cards is going well!

And Lastly
Next week is half term. Midge has several play dates and it's Little A's
Birthday on Wedbesday- he'll be 3!! I think we'll have a tea party just us 4 which will be nice and save some pennies too.

Cupcake Mumma


A Day in Weather Beaten Penzance

Unless you've been living under a rock (it would have to be a darn big one too) you would've seen the rain, heard the gales and watched the news which has been showing many areas completely ruined by the recent bad weather.

Penzance has been hit pretty bad in the last couple of weeks. Here's a photo of Newlyn Green which holds a lot of childhood memories for me.

Strorm Damage Newlyn Green
Source: Heart
Last Thursday, Jay and I decided to head over to Penzance for a day out. We didn't go to Newlyn, we just walked along the prom where it was bitterly cold. The tide was low but you could see in a few hours the waves would be just as bad as the previous nights. We had Little A with us so naturally stayed behind the wall which separates the prom from the road.

We then looked over to see the houses, their gates and front doors piled with sandbags. That's when we saw the hotel we have had many dates and family parties in. The most memorable one our wedding reception. It's currently closed, sodden carpets stacked outside, windows smashed high up and inside is pitch black. It's no 5* palace, but it has precious memories for us.

Then we visited the Jubilee pool. It's a bit of a state, obviously overflown because the pool uses sea water. There's lots of debris from the great walls scattered over the floors and no doubt littering the floor of the pool itself!

Visiting the harbor was nice because the water was so calm it was hard to believe that in a few hours waves would be crashing against the walls outside of it. Sadly, that had not managed to escaped the damage either.

All this for one boat!

Some of the other buildings had lost a few tiles by the looks of it and the Scillonian was safely hidden in the boat yard.

It was kind of sad looking at all the damage and I was definetly grateful for living where I do. Before we left Penzance we tucked into some chips from the best chippie I know, Fat Fish chip shop. Little A got a free cone of chips which cheered us up.

We did have nice day but I hope this weather disappears soon before it does anymore damage to our beloved counties and towns!

Cupcake Mumma

My Week that was Captured #6

Welcome to another week people! This week I've got a Mum date at Costa in Penzance (wooh!) and on Friday I'm giving blood. Here's what I got up to last week:

We checked out Penzance after some seriously big waves hit it (74 feet high!)

I lit a candle for Matilda Mae like many, many others did.

We ate some seriously good chips for lunch which tasted good! Warmed us up a treat too!

I had an appointment at the hospital to sort this darn wisdom tooth. I'll have an appointment soon to get it out. I treated Mum to a hot chocolate out which she loved.

Jay and I made pasties for Saturday night. We ate with the children then watched a film for our weekly date night treat.

I bought Jay one of his favourite cakes as a small act of kindness

We visited some friends who gave me their money off coupons for Costa *happy dance!*

There may have been some very sleepy snuggles!

I also caught up on some more pen pal replies

Hope you all had a great week.

Cupcake Mumma

Project Kindness: Register as an Organ Donor

One of the things on my list for this years Project Kindness was to register on line to become an organ donor! In my view, it will be like one of my final acts of kindness when I'm no longer here. The organs I have chosen to donate upon my passing away will help save someones life and give someone a better life, even another chance. Surly there isn't a greater gift?

I registered for this ages ago but now I have my card through I can share it with you all and cross it off my list!

If you are thinking of becoming an organ donor, or perhaps want to read up on it more, here is where I went to read up and register. For the record, I have not been asked to write about this subject, it's something I've wanted to do for a long time and after I put it on my list, I wanted to share it with you too.

Look out for my blog next week when I'll be blogging one of my most dreaded (but incredibly important) Acts of Kindness: Giving blood for the first time!

Cupcake Mumma

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Love The Little Things #5

Friday already? Must be time to look over what I've enjoyed this week! Do link up with the lovely But Why Mummy Why by clicking the badge at the bottom of this post!

I've been reading and nearly finished the book I started last week The Dairy of a Hapless Househusband. It's okay to be honest, I've gotten into it and don't like to put it down but it'll never be anything to rave about. Although it can be quite funny. I've also been catching up on my Bloglovin feed when I can which is always nice.

I may have watched The Big Benefits Row on channel 5 a few nights ago. I knew it would be utter tripe, I knew they wouldn't have a debate but still I tuned in. You'll never have a debate with 'those' ignorant women on any show anyway in my opinion. I also watched We're The Millers on DVD with the hubby. We found it really funny and I'm glad we chose it for our date night.

My six year old singing Katy Perry's Roar and Firework, repeatedly, at full volume around tea time every night. Let me tell you something, I may love her to peices but that is something else. My ears!

This week I've been so cold I've worn my pj bottoms under my jeans. Not only have I been snug I've also had a double layer from the rain!

I had my Niece over on Wednesday so we put the tuff spot to good use, sat with Little A and did some art work. I also made some delicious basic fairy cakes with cherries on top. Yum.

And Lastly
Next week I've got a Mums meet up to look forward to! I'm meeting Pippa from story of Mum as we live real close to each other. It'll be nice to meet before the mums retreat. I'm also giving blood next Friday which I'm excited about, it'll start my Project Kindness off pretty good!

Cupcake Mumma

My Budget Catch Up

Join the Great British Budget Challenge

The first week of February saw me blog about The Great British Budget and my personal goal of getting my menu and meal planning under control.

I'm pleased say this week we had a £50 big shop budget and it came to £46 which really pleased me! My weekly budget is usually £60 and I just shop in Tesco, usually going slightly over. Because our local tesco is just a small one, I have to send Jay to the larger store after work to collect the other Free From foods I can't buy locally.

Over the past few months we have been experimenting with how we shop and this week sealed the deal on shopping around. I've used Tesco online and couldn't find most of the cheaper value products in the search tools which really annoyed me. Not to mention it costing nearly (or sometimes over) £5 for delivery. We've tried Sainsburys but have really struggled to stay under budget. Asda have a great price for delivery (8 hour slots for £2.50) but a lot of the time I can't check out without first removing at least 3 really common products from my list (children's yogurts!). Then my shopping arrives and I have a list of subs and unavailable items staring me in the face! Totally defeats the idea of shopping online when I have to go out anyway!

So, with this in mind our shopping was done this week in Aldi, Iceland and Tesco for free from bread and cereal and other items which were more expensive in the previously mentions stores.

What also saved us money was getting back to meal planning. I looked in the cupboards and freezer, found an old menu planner in my folder and proceeded to plan!

Friday: Spaghetti and vegetables
Saturday: Pasties and wedges
Sunday: Roast!
Monday: Pasta night
Tuesday: Toad in the hole with mash
Wednesday: Jacket potato with filling of choice
Thursday: Spag Bol

With Most of this coming from the house already, all we needed was the essentials and something extra to make a few treats (like cookies!) and lunch box items.

I used the Money Hub app to help me plan my budget and I have to say I was surprised to see I spend £30 a month on Costa! I've restricted myself to one a week (£12 a month) with a few vouchers I was given I'll be easily meeting my target!

I hope if you're joining in with @yourwealthuk's #greatbritishbudget, let me know!

Cupcake Mumma

Ten Things to Smile About January

January has come to an end already and a part from a severe lack of sleep thanks to sleep disturbance and night terrors, 2014 couldn't have kicked off better for us. Here's 10 things that have brightened my January:

1. Midges birthday. She turned six this month and something seems to have changed in her already. We all had a lovely day getting pampered and enjoying a little party at home.

2. Jay turned 24. We had a relaxed day and he even got the day off work which was an added bonus. We had a chip shop tea as a treat and on Saturday we celebrated with his friends at a local football club.

3. I hate going to social gatherings but managed to overcome my social anxiety by attending the aforementioned event for Jason. I was pretty uncomfortable but I met some lovely people and certainly had a giggle! You'll never get the duvet and film girl out of me I'm afraid!

4. I've just registered to take part in The Big Bath Sleepout. I'll be sleeping out in Bath with my good friend Kat to raise money for a local homeless shelter, Julian House. I'm really excited and feel this is a really worthy cause. If you do too I'd love you to sponsor me here. Thank you.

5. February is a month to look forward to for me with Little A turning 3, my Neice turning 2, valentines day and a lovely mums retreat in Penzance!

6. I'm giving blood for the first time! I'm quite excited in a weird way!

7. I've had some great reviews this month. We had some lovely leggings, a chocolate making kit and a new children's programme coming up on the blog soon too. I'm always greatful for these opportunities.

8. Jay and I had a wonderful day and night away in Plymouth last week. We dined alone, had a nice room and did a spot of shopping. I don't care what some people think, quality time is essential to me.

Teenagers again!
9. I had a bath for the first time in months! In our new house we just have a shower and with my back playing up recently having that soak at the hotel was wonderful. Definetly something to smile about!

10. Speaking of backs, I've finally got an appointment through with the physiotherapist which I'm really hoping will help. I'm also going to be starting a Pilates DVD real soon which I think will be a great help!

Do you have 10 things to smile about? Why not link up with EmmyMom?

Big Smiles,

Cupcake Mumma

Still Grooving!


It's February it's darn cold but I'm in a good place. I've caught up on my letter writing, reading a real paper back whilst the children are actually awake and I've caught up on my reviews for the blog which is great. These sound like little things and perhaps they are but those are the things that can really make a difference. They certainly are making me feel good!

Other steps I've taken to feel better are:

Purchasing a Pilate's DVD and visiting the doctor about my back. I'm keen to start some physiotherapy in a few weeks and Pilate's will help me strengthen my core muscles and back. I'm also seeing an ENT specialist in 2 weeks and getting my wisdom tooth looked at. Looking after my body is a priority for me this year!

I've volunteered to listen to Year One read in the afternoons. I haven't actually done it yet but I've offered and hopefully next week there will be a time I can help out with. This is a big step anxiety wise and it'll help me with my college course decision (which no, I still haven't had the guts to submit!)

I've been drafting my 31 Days of Kindness project and I'm hoping it'll go live soon and people will want to join in. It's always a risk setting something up on your blog and hoping people join in. If nobody does it, it doesn't matter, I'll still do it myself. I'm passionate about spreading kindness.

I've plucked up the courage to ask a fellow local mum if she'd like to meet up next week and a date has been set! I may also meet another lovely mum too. Please don't ruin this for me anxiety!

So I feel that I'm making good progress so far this year. How are you getting on Groovy Mums?

Cupcake Mumma

The Big Sleep out for Julian House

Big Bath Sleep-out 2014

On March 7th, myself and my beautiful friend Kat are heading to Alice Park in Bath with many, many others to sleep out for one night. Why are we sleeping in the cold, damp, dark night? To help raise funds for the fantastic work that Julian House do and need to continue doing.

Julian House help to support individuals providing them with warmth and shelter. But they do more than that. Julian House allows these individuals to seek some hope for their future by enabling them to do courses, training, get their birth certificates and many other important things that mean they can move forward in their lives.

Of course, sleeping for 1 night in a park isn't going to give me a true picture of how it really is to be homeless. I won't be searching for a place to sleep.I won't be facing the possibility of abuse, physical or verbal from passers by, some ignorant, some intoxicated. I will have with me many layers and a good sleeping bag to keep me warm. I'm well aware that sleeping out for 1 night could be considered a bit of a joke to some but it'll give me a lot to think about. It'll be a hell of a lot different than when I think of all those who have no home as I'm tucked up under my warm duvet in my bedroom listening to the pouring rain.

I'm hoping to raise £100 for Julian House so they can continue to support some of the most vulnerable in our society. If you would like to help me hit my target, please click this link which will take you to my Just Giving page. You can also text donate by texting HBBS £1 70070

Thank you very much for your support.


Cupcake Mumma

Heroes of the City App Review

Today I'd like to share with you all an app which I was sent to review. It's called Heroes of the City and you can download it here (iTunes) or here (Android) for free.

The app is based on the Swedish cartoon and features 'movies' (roughly 16 minute long) a series of games and a store available to purchase more programmes and games.

The App is aimed at 3-7 years. Little A is nearly 3 and as he doesn't use my phone or tablet much so he needed a fair bit of help and got pretty frustrated with the games. He adores the programmes though and we've watched them loads of times already. I think eventually he'll get used to the games, they're not difficult games after all.

You have memory games, build Tilly the Trains track and Paulie Police cars game which involves avoiding obstacles and collecting stars. This was a favourite with Midge and I.

Screen grab: Paulie Police car, one of our favourites

Every time you complete a level you'll win a trophy!

Midge is 6 and found the games easy to understand and to use. The app is very user friendly, I'd recommend it to anyone, especially with children who love their cars and fire engines etc this is why Little A was so into it.

I was sent a link to the full app for the purposes of this review. Heroes of the City isn't available in the UK but for a chance to win a great prize similar to the image below, enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post. Goodluck!

Cupcake Mumma

My Week That Was Captured #4 & #5

After missing the link up last week I return this week with my week 4 and my week 5 photos!

Last week we:

Had a yummy breakfast out with Little A, Hubby, my youngest niece and sister in law

Celebrated hubby's 24th birthday with a slightly odd looking cake decorated with yummy vanilla icing and homemade chocolate

Went out to a party thrown as a surprise by Jason's football team for him and his managers birthday. I was so nervous but it was ok!

Bought new shoes ohh!

Went to Penzance all by myself on the train which was a nice treat. I went there to buy Jason's birthday gifts on Monday morning but naturally I had to buy the shoes and jeans that were staring  me in the face (in the sale!)

Enjoyed a few costa hot chocolates (yes they now know exactly what I'm going to order..I'll have to add a different syrup next time to make myself feel less addicted)

Painted my nails and pampered myself for Saturdays evening out

Here's what I got up to this week:

Got stuck in to my reviews with books and chocolate making on the list! Little A really loved the books we've been sent so I can't wait to publish the review next week.

Had a wonderful weekend away with Jason in Plymouth (okay just Sunday but it was lovely) the hotel was really nice and we even got to have some dinner together.

I bought my first ever Psychology Mag which I wish I bought sooner!

Tried a Starbucks for the second time. Costa still wins for me but sadly I couldn't get one because it was a self service machine with no soya milk!

Cupcake Mumma

Sweater #theprompt

"Sweater, n. Garment worn by child when it's mother is feeling chilly" Ambrose Bierce

Ah now how true is this? It reminded me of a recent walk I went on with Midge. It was a few weeks ago, we both were wearing plenty of layers but upon leaving school and heading on our 20 minute walk home, the heavens opened and we found ourselves submitted to a heavy downpour.

We both carried on, wet hand in wet hand, feet getting soaked and teeth chattering when Midge, who was shivering, looked up at me and said 'I wish I could get home quick mummy, I'm so cold' this was accompanied by the usual sad face that just pulls at the heart strings.

I took off my coat at that point and put it on Midge. We walked wet hand in wet hand, feet getting soaked, teeth chattering, my little girl in her oversized clothing and me.

Cupcake Mumma

Dear Matilda Mae

I'll be lighting a candle for you tonight Matilda Mae. It's purple and in a heart shape. I made it last year and found it while I was searching for something today. You see, I never met you Matilda Mae, but even the smallest of things will make me think of you.
The Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song on Cbeebies. Pink and purple flowers, stars and hearts. I've thought and prayed about your beautiful family many a time. I'm not sure people always know whether to believe someone when they tell them they are thinking of them. So, in this letter to you Matilda Mae, I'm opening up my prayer journal and sharing some of those thoughts:

February 10th 2013
Please watch over the family of Matilda Mae as they come to terms with the loss of their beautiful baby a week today. May you hold them in your loving arms until they are ready to be reunited again.

April 10th 2013
I would like to pray for Jennie, her husband and their two children. Please help them whilst they grieve the loss of their little girl Matilda Mae. May they continue to be given strength, love and support. May they feel the presence of their daughter in all they do. Please guide them through this very hard time. May Jennie be successful with helping to raise awareness of SIDS and may other families be helped by her feelings and her experience. May they be blessed again.

May 2nd 2013
I pray for Jennie, David, Ester and William today. I pray they have felt the love and support from everyone who cares about them. I pray Matilda Mae is resting peacefully at your side and I pray that although every one of her birthdays is going to be so very, very difficult, that they can find it easier to get past each one in time with your love and strength.

November 30th 2013
I pray for Jennie and her family facing their first Christmas without Matilda Mae.

January 5th 2014
I pray for Jennie and her family that their pain can become less. Please watch over them as the anniversary of Matilda Mae's passing comes ever closer and the day which would mark her 2nd birthday draws nearer.

January 11th 2014
I pray for Jennie and her family as the 2nd of February nears. I pray they can feel less pain in time, although I doubt that is possible when you loose a child.

Dear Matilda Mae,
I think of you and your family every day. Your Mummy has done such wonderful things in your memory. But you already knew that didn't you? I will continue to think of you, continue to pray for your family especially at the times of year where everything should be about you. Your birthday, Christmases. I'll always be sorry you couldn't grow into this world Matilda Mae. You grew your wings instead. And what a beautiful angel you are.

Hannah Xxx

Letters for Matilda Mae