Love The Little Things #7

This week has been dominated by a very nasty cold and my Little A. It's spoiled half term for Midge (almost, we didn't let it completely) and really did put a downer on A's birthday so that will have to be celebrated properly at a later date. For this week my Little Loves probably won't be that great!

I've only managed to catch up on my blog reading this week in the early hours. I'm pleased because I've done lots of commenting and my feed gets back logged real quick! Hopefully I'll get to read my new book and continue to work through Feel the Fear and do it Anyway.

I watched The Brit Awards. Cringe, cringe, cringe end of! I've enjoyed Eastenders this week with Stacey's return and finally watched both Despicable Me films which I love!

I've not listened to any music this week. Max and Ruby has made a return this week so that intro has been playing through my house but then at least it's a break from Spongebob!

It's been a big PJ week for all of us this week. I've literally been in them all but one day when I threw on a hoody and some blue jeans.

Amazingly I made A's birthday cake on Tuesday ready for the morning:

And Lastly
I'm really hoping A is better by the weekend. In really looking forward to my Mamas Retreat with lots of lovely Mums but it'll be hard to enjoy knowing A is still poorly so fingers crossed for good health!

Cupcake Mumma



  1. Hope A is feeling better, it's awful when they are poorly isn't it? And to be ill on his birthday too!
    His cake looks fab xx

  2. I love Despicable Me!! My Brother bought me them both for Christmas and I could watch them over and over again! We've been playing the Minions game on the iPad too and it's fab xx