A Day in Weather Beaten Penzance

Unless you've been living under a rock (it would have to be a darn big one too) you would've seen the rain, heard the gales and watched the news which has been showing many areas completely ruined by the recent bad weather.

Penzance has been hit pretty bad in the last couple of weeks. Here's a photo of Newlyn Green which holds a lot of childhood memories for me.

Strorm Damage Newlyn Green
Source: Heart
Last Thursday, Jay and I decided to head over to Penzance for a day out. We didn't go to Newlyn, we just walked along the prom where it was bitterly cold. The tide was low but you could see in a few hours the waves would be just as bad as the previous nights. We had Little A with us so naturally stayed behind the wall which separates the prom from the road.

We then looked over to see the houses, their gates and front doors piled with sandbags. That's when we saw the hotel we have had many dates and family parties in. The most memorable one our wedding reception. It's currently closed, sodden carpets stacked outside, windows smashed high up and inside is pitch black. It's no 5* palace, but it has precious memories for us.

Then we visited the Jubilee pool. It's a bit of a state, obviously overflown because the pool uses sea water. There's lots of debris from the great walls scattered over the floors and no doubt littering the floor of the pool itself!

Visiting the harbor was nice because the water was so calm it was hard to believe that in a few hours waves would be crashing against the walls outside of it. Sadly, that had not managed to escaped the damage either.

All this for one boat!

Some of the other buildings had lost a few tiles by the looks of it and the Scillonian was safely hidden in the boat yard.

It was kind of sad looking at all the damage and I was definetly grateful for living where I do. Before we left Penzance we tucked into some chips from the best chippie I know, Fat Fish chip shop. Little A got a free cone of chips which cheered us up.

We did have nice day but I hope this weather disappears soon before it does anymore damage to our beloved counties and towns!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I love Penzance and had quite a few holidays there. It's terrible the amount of damaged it's had recently and hopefully the weather will start easing up!

  2. Oh no! So sorry for all the damage. Hopefully the weather gets better soon