My Week that was Captured #6

Welcome to another week people! This week I've got a Mum date at Costa in Penzance (wooh!) and on Friday I'm giving blood. Here's what I got up to last week:

We checked out Penzance after some seriously big waves hit it (74 feet high!)

I lit a candle for Matilda Mae like many, many others did.

We ate some seriously good chips for lunch which tasted good! Warmed us up a treat too!

I had an appointment at the hospital to sort this darn wisdom tooth. I'll have an appointment soon to get it out. I treated Mum to a hot chocolate out which she loved.

Jay and I made pasties for Saturday night. We ate with the children then watched a film for our weekly date night treat.

I bought Jay one of his favourite cakes as a small act of kindness

We visited some friends who gave me their money off coupons for Costa *happy dance!*

There may have been some very sleepy snuggles!

I also caught up on some more pen pal replies

Hope you all had a great week.

Cupcake Mumma