Week 2 and 3 of my Great British Budget

We've had a poorly household these past two weeks so keeping track of my budgeting hasn't been a top priority. In terms of bills we're sorted and I made a great effort with my meal plan for week 2. Because of this nasty cold virus though many of the days meals for week 3 weren't even cooked so I've saved the meal plan for our last week.

Week 2 saw me spend £49 exactly on groceries. I would be pleased except that I had to leave out some of my free from items because I was restricted to one superstore instead of being able to shop around which suited us so well in week 1.

Week 3 was virtually the same without being able to get out so hubby did the shop after work which totalled £45. At least this time we could buy the free from food I needed and we had most of the ingredients for our next meals (we shop every Thursday/Friday) I think we still spent more because I asked for a treat (totally didn't need it) and hubby added in a pizza for tea plus buying items I left off the list on purpose (I now have loads of soya milk!) I guess he thought I forgot but without the above, our grocery bill would've been lower.

Next week I have one bill to go out, and the children's savings to add to. I have saving accounts with the same bank I use and they both have nearly £300 each so far which I'm so pleased with. I probably should pay more attention to other accounts though but at least I know their accounts aren't getting taxed.

We won't talk about Costa though..well okay I have gone over my 1 costa a week and I don't plan to have any in week 4 (a goal perhaps!?) but one thing I DO know, is that I have NOT spent £30 on the blasted hot chocolates this month. Go me! In fact, in week 1 I bought my mother one for the first time and last week I bought 2 hot chocolates for Midge and her friend as a half term treat.

It's never too late to start looking at your finances and learning to budget. I use the money hub app each month to work out my incoming money and outgoing money as well as listing all my bills properly because I'm prone to forgetting! Do join the conversation on twitter by following @yourwealthuk and #greatbritishbudget I hope everyone already on board is doing well!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. This is great, going to look at that app and have a read of this xx

  2. Hannah you are doing so well at budgeting,I'm impressed :-) x

  3. It's depressing that my niece and nephew have more money than me individually, let alone added together. But well done on keeping up the budgeting! xxxx