Heroes of the City App Review

Today I'd like to share with you all an app which I was sent to review. It's called Heroes of the City and you can download it here (iTunes) or here (Android) for free.

The app is based on the Swedish cartoon and features 'movies' (roughly 16 minute long) a series of games and a store available to purchase more programmes and games.

The App is aimed at 3-7 years. Little A is nearly 3 and as he doesn't use my phone or tablet much so he needed a fair bit of help and got pretty frustrated with the games. He adores the programmes though and we've watched them loads of times already. I think eventually he'll get used to the games, they're not difficult games after all.

You have memory games, build Tilly the Trains track and Paulie Police cars game which involves avoiding obstacles and collecting stars. This was a favourite with Midge and I.

Screen grab: Paulie Police car, one of our favourites

Every time you complete a level you'll win a trophy!

Midge is 6 and found the games easy to understand and to use. The app is very user friendly, I'd recommend it to anyone, especially with children who love their cars and fire engines etc this is why Little A was so into it.

I was sent a link to the full app for the purposes of this review. Heroes of the City isn't available in the UK but for a chance to win a great prize similar to the image below, enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post. Goodluck!

Cupcake Mumma