Love The Little Things #6

Last week started off pants until I got to Thursday and met two wonderful ladies in Penzance and gave blood on Friday. Here are my little loves for this week:


This week I finished off my old book and started on a new one the lovely Joy sent me in the post. I'm very grateful because Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway has some great suggestions for helping people move forward with their confidence issues or in my case anxiety. I've been reading it slowing because it brings back some painful memories of school which I need to work through and realise is all in the past and may not ever happen again.

For our date night, Jay and I watched The Black Swan. I felt really frustrated with the main character but towards the end the film really picks up. I love anything to do with ballet anyway because I'm fascinated by the way the dancers move. I've also stuck to Coach Trip which I love popping on after the little ones go to bed.

I've mainly heard the awful wind and hail on the house late at night. I really hate it, such a wuss! I've also heard the wonderful sound of crashing waves as I visited my parents at the weekend. Mother Nature is not in a happy place I can tell you!


This week has been a wash out! I've worn my wellies several times which are quickly becoming 2 useless boots with holes in *sob* I've ignored the awful weather on several occasions and declared it a black jeans and converse day!

I made a bunch of valentines day cards to post to America and Canada for a swap. I also made my nieces birthday card so my plan to only give homemade or already bought cards is going well!

And Lastly
Next week is half term. Midge has several play dates and it's Little A's
Birthday on Wedbesday- he'll be 3!! I think we'll have a tea party just us 4 which will be nice and save some pennies too.

Cupcake Mumma


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