Today my little boy is 3. It's been an interesting couple of years with Little A, mostly good of course. I can only imagine what year 3 brings. Can the tantrums get worse? Really? They've just started to calm so fingers crossed.
I'm looking forward to more words and conversations. He can say our names, tell us various things he's after (sometimes with a bit of guesswork!) he'll shout 'where are you!' And 'wake up!' If I'm not paying him full attention.

The bond Little A has with Midge is still a close one. Midge isn't yet finding him annoying and wanting to be alone. Phew. They run around, play games, kick the football around, it's lovely to watch.

So three. We are now three! Happy Birthday my beautiful, wonderful Little Man.

Love Mummy xxxx


  1. I can't believe he's 3!! Happy Birthday Little A :)

    Also, your garden looks awesome! xxx

    1. Thanks Hannah! Aw that's my parents place luckily we have a long lawn!xx