My Week That Was Captured #4 & #5

After missing the link up last week I return this week with my week 4 and my week 5 photos!

Last week we:

Had a yummy breakfast out with Little A, Hubby, my youngest niece and sister in law

Celebrated hubby's 24th birthday with a slightly odd looking cake decorated with yummy vanilla icing and homemade chocolate

Went out to a party thrown as a surprise by Jason's football team for him and his managers birthday. I was so nervous but it was ok!

Bought new shoes ohh!

Went to Penzance all by myself on the train which was a nice treat. I went there to buy Jason's birthday gifts on Monday morning but naturally I had to buy the shoes and jeans that were staring  me in the face (in the sale!)

Enjoyed a few costa hot chocolates (yes they now know exactly what I'm going to order..I'll have to add a different syrup next time to make myself feel less addicted)

Painted my nails and pampered myself for Saturdays evening out

Here's what I got up to this week:

Got stuck in to my reviews with books and chocolate making on the list! Little A really loved the books we've been sent so I can't wait to publish the review next week.

Had a wonderful weekend away with Jason in Plymouth (okay just Sunday but it was lovely) the hotel was really nice and we even got to have some dinner together.

I bought my first ever Psychology Mag which I wish I bought sooner!

Tried a Starbucks for the second time. Costa still wins for me but sadly I couldn't get one because it was a self service machine with no soya milk!

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. Aww so glad your night away was wonderful :) What did you have for dinner? I love those nails!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx