Project Kindness

  • Give blood
  • Buy all the items on my local food bank list
  • Make a box before Christmas for a child
  • Write a long letter to someone to express how much they mean to me/why are they are a wonderful person
  • Leave some money for a toy in a local store
  • Do husbands chores by surprise
  • Adopt an animal
  • Sponsor something/someone
  • Leave a tip
  • Get a stranger a free spa/beauty treatment
  • Host a giveaway on my blog
  • Leave nappies and wipes in a baby room
  • Send a gift to a post pals child
  • Buy food for the local animal shelter
  • Send flowers to someone.
  • Become an organ donor
  • Leave a book I really enjoyed behind in a local place with a note
  • Cook my Husband a meal including his favourite foods.
  • Do 31 Days of Kindness
  • Have a 'Yes' day with the children. 
Completed: 8/20


  1. Wow you seem like a truly wonderful and kind person, and you have inspired me to make do a kindness project. Pity there weren't more people like you in the world, as it would surely be a happier if not better place to live. :)

    1. There are more and more people doing these acts which is something wonderful. Now you plan to do one too it's all spreading :) I hope you have fun doing any random acts you do :) Thanks for taking the time to read x

  2. You would be my saviour with the trolleys and pound coins one! I'm always scrambling around for those coins for the trollies - better still, could you buy the charity coins then a charity benefits as well and leave them on trollies??

    I do love your list, and I would love to do something similar. Money is tight, so you've got me thinking about free acts of kindness I can achieve.

    1. Thanks for idea! I think that is much than a one off pound coin! Thanks so much for stopping by Rachel x

  3. What a fantastic list. It is such a good idea - and some original thoughts there too. Years and years ago, when I was a student, I was walking in the rain and a stranger bought me an umbrella off a street seller and handed it to me. You know, when time has passed I don't remember any of the bad things anyone has ever done. Its little acts of kindness like that that stay in my memory.

    1. That's a lovely thing to have someone do for you. How kind :) Thank you for leaving your comment x

  4. Hey beautiful, Do you mind if I copy your list? Its such a lovely idea and I think more people should take part. I'll pop your badge on each post obviously xxx

  5. Hmm I never thought of hosting a giveaway on my blog! Adding that to my list for B(e) Kind 366. So awesome that you are doing this challenge!
    Brandy from Brandy's Bustlings

    1. Thanks Brandy! I'm loving your 366 idea challenge! Winning a giveaway always makes me smile so I figure it was a nice little addition to my albeit short list!


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