The Big Sleep out for Julian House

Big Bath Sleep-out 2014

On March 7th, myself and my beautiful friend Kat are heading to Alice Park in Bath with many, many others to sleep out for one night. Why are we sleeping in the cold, damp, dark night? To help raise funds for the fantastic work that Julian House do and need to continue doing.

Julian House help to support individuals providing them with warmth and shelter. But they do more than that. Julian House allows these individuals to seek some hope for their future by enabling them to do courses, training, get their birth certificates and many other important things that mean they can move forward in their lives.

Of course, sleeping for 1 night in a park isn't going to give me a true picture of how it really is to be homeless. I won't be searching for a place to sleep.I won't be facing the possibility of abuse, physical or verbal from passers by, some ignorant, some intoxicated. I will have with me many layers and a good sleeping bag to keep me warm. I'm well aware that sleeping out for 1 night could be considered a bit of a joke to some but it'll give me a lot to think about. It'll be a hell of a lot different than when I think of all those who have no home as I'm tucked up under my warm duvet in my bedroom listening to the pouring rain.

I'm hoping to raise £100 for Julian House so they can continue to support some of the most vulnerable in our society. If you would like to help me hit my target, please click this link which will take you to my Just Giving page. You can also text donate by texting HBBS £1 70070

Thank you very much for your support.


Cupcake Mumma

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