Ten Things to Smile About January

January has come to an end already and a part from a severe lack of sleep thanks to sleep disturbance and night terrors, 2014 couldn't have kicked off better for us. Here's 10 things that have brightened my January:

1. Midges birthday. She turned six this month and something seems to have changed in her already. We all had a lovely day getting pampered and enjoying a little party at home.

2. Jay turned 24. We had a relaxed day and he even got the day off work which was an added bonus. We had a chip shop tea as a treat and on Saturday we celebrated with his friends at a local football club.

3. I hate going to social gatherings but managed to overcome my social anxiety by attending the aforementioned event for Jason. I was pretty uncomfortable but I met some lovely people and certainly had a giggle! You'll never get the duvet and film girl out of me I'm afraid!

4. I've just registered to take part in The Big Bath Sleepout. I'll be sleeping out in Bath with my good friend Kat to raise money for a local homeless shelter, Julian House. I'm really excited and feel this is a really worthy cause. If you do too I'd love you to sponsor me here. Thank you.

5. February is a month to look forward to for me with Little A turning 3, my Neice turning 2, valentines day and a lovely mums retreat in Penzance!

6. I'm giving blood for the first time! I'm quite excited in a weird way!

7. I've had some great reviews this month. We had some lovely leggings, a chocolate making kit and a new children's programme coming up on the blog soon too. I'm always greatful for these opportunities.

8. Jay and I had a wonderful day and night away in Plymouth last week. We dined alone, had a nice room and did a spot of shopping. I don't care what some people think, quality time is essential to me.

Teenagers again!
9. I had a bath for the first time in months! In our new house we just have a shower and with my back playing up recently having that soak at the hotel was wonderful. Definetly something to smile about!

10. Speaking of backs, I've finally got an appointment through with the physiotherapist which I'm really hoping will help. I'm also going to be starting a Pilates DVD real soon which I think will be a great help!

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Big Smiles,

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Aww! What lovely reasons to smile!!

  2. Lovely-couple time alone is definitely essential ma and James haven't had a night out together in ages. I am a bit of a dvd and pj's girl too :) x

    1. Couldn't agree more! I love our date nights and they suit me because our nights are all about the blankets and DVDs!x

  3. Oh there is definitely something wonderful about a bath! What a great month you had, with lots of great opportunities. Glad you ended up having fun on your night out despite the anxiety. Thank you so much for linking up