Still Grooving!


It's February it's darn cold but I'm in a good place. I've caught up on my letter writing, reading a real paper back whilst the children are actually awake and I've caught up on my reviews for the blog which is great. These sound like little things and perhaps they are but those are the things that can really make a difference. They certainly are making me feel good!

Other steps I've taken to feel better are:

Purchasing a Pilate's DVD and visiting the doctor about my back. I'm keen to start some physiotherapy in a few weeks and Pilate's will help me strengthen my core muscles and back. I'm also seeing an ENT specialist in 2 weeks and getting my wisdom tooth looked at. Looking after my body is a priority for me this year!

I've volunteered to listen to Year One read in the afternoons. I haven't actually done it yet but I've offered and hopefully next week there will be a time I can help out with. This is a big step anxiety wise and it'll help me with my college course decision (which no, I still haven't had the guts to submit!)

I've been drafting my 31 Days of Kindness project and I'm hoping it'll go live soon and people will want to join in. It's always a risk setting something up on your blog and hoping people join in. If nobody does it, it doesn't matter, I'll still do it myself. I'm passionate about spreading kindness.

I've plucked up the courage to ask a fellow local mum if she'd like to meet up next week and a date has been set! I may also meet another lovely mum too. Please don't ruin this for me anxiety!

So I feel that I'm making good progress so far this year. How are you getting on Groovy Mums?

Cupcake Mumma