2011- A Look Back

Now, as it's nearly another year over I thought I would share my thoughts and feelings on this year just gone. It's been a real mix this year but mainly good. Lots of happiness and success although a slight rut has formed at the end I plan to most definitely crawl up out of it again early on in 2012!

This month was a bit hard for me as I was heavily pregnant with little Man, had spent most of Christmas feeling very ill with a terrible cold and ear infection. I got better though after a couple of weeks and we started planning Lily's 3rd birthday. Seems a life time ago now, she'll be 4 in a few weeks and it's just insane. We had her cousins over with a little buffet which was lovely. I was really pleased with her birthday cake as well, a Barbie princess cake just like she ordered...God knows what it will be this year. Hello Kitty?

This is of course when I brought my beautiful Little Man into the world. It was a painful but quick labour so I can't complain! As I'm typing this my Sister In Law to be is possibly going in to labour so fingers crossed! Little A arrived very happily and safely by water birth at a lovely birthing unit delivered by 2 midwives one of which was my Auntie. He was born on the 19th, a day earlier and he would be sharing a birthday with his Grandad.

March was the month we finally came off Job seekers and Other Half got a proper good old fashioned job! I was very nervous about looking after the children alone in the evenings but as it is I have been fine and hope to continue to do so well! In fact, now I'm quite enjoying some of the 'me time' I get each evening! Finally coming off of benefits was a great feeling. We have more money, more freedom and don't have to listen to a lot of the rubbish that comes with being on benefits. Other Half changed dramatically when he got a job after continuous 'No Thank-you's' or no reply at all. To be earning money for his family made him a different person. I also got my first proper photos done of my little wonders together! Proud Mummy Moment.

In April I started my counselling which has completely changed who I am. I'm no longer overly anxious and shy and I have been able to come right out of my shell, talk to people I wouldn't normally and get on better with others simply because I am now more able to let down my guard and show I'm not some quiet up tight bird sat in the corner. I'm still a miserable sod though!
Also in April my niece and nephew turned 3, it's hard to believe how much all the children have grown!

In June we had our first 'holiday'. We ventured to Cambridge as a family and met up with my Dad's side who I had not seen in years which was obviously amazing. Every couple of years my Aunt and Uncle hold a small type of music festival in their garden called the Ice House, it's a lovely event and the whole community kind of join in amongst others. We stayed in a caravan together and had a fab time! Alife was still tiny but I need not have worried, he loved the attention and was such a good little boy. Little Miss got to meet cousins she didn't even know existed and I cannot wait to get together again in 2012!
Lily trying out the playhouse at my Aunts home. It's lovely!
Alfie and Lily playing in the caravan
After wanting to participate for ages in some kind of fund raising event but not having the confidence I joined forces with my Mum who has also lacked confidence some what until recently and we walked the Race For Life. I have family members like many people who have had cancer and survived, lost limbs and even passed away so this was a special cause to my heart. I had a lovely time in Truro and raised £70 for the charity and I continue to donate. Next year I plan to raise more money and have a bigger crew join me! For a pink PJ Race!! 

My Mum and I posing after our race with our medals. 
We got Little Miss and Little Man Christened in this month and it was a really lovely occasion. The ceremony was short and sweet, all the important people were there a part from one of their Grandads who couldn't get back from France unfortunately. We held a buffet and BBQ at my house afterwards and generally had a really lovely time. We received lots of lovely gifts including photos frames, cuddly toys, christening bracelets and Bibles. The Church gave us the children's certificates and even a lovely candle to light on the anniversary of their Christening.

Pops and Little Man in his gown which was worn by me and my 3 siblings all those years ago!
L-R (Me, Lils, Jason (O/H)-Godparents-My brother, sister in law and aunt who delivered both my children, Alfie)
One of the cakes made and decorated by my fair hands. 
I turned 22 in October and had a very nice time being spoiled by all manner of things cupcake and pink related. I saw my parents and in laws and had a chill out with Other Half in the evening if I remember correctly!

Another good month. My Dad celebrated his 50th Birthday and we threw him a surprise meal. It was lovely having the whole family around again and nice to eat out. It's a rare treat even with children in this day and age! November was also a milestone for me because I ventured out just me and Little Miss to the town of Truro by train. Anyone whose had anxiety will appreciate how hard it can be to do the most simple of things and this really was a proud day for me. And a good one!

Me and Dad not ready for the camera!

And for December just see here for all our Christmas goings on. We've ended 2011 pretty darn well and here's to 2012!

Cupcake Mumma

The Christmas Edition

Right, that's enough of my no blogging over Christmas rule. I have enjoyed the time off, and I haven't honestly had the urge to sit still for long enough to type up something for you all...Until now that is! Hope everyone had a really good time over Christmas? We're now gearing up for the weekend with plans to head on over to the In Laws, not sure what's on the menu but looking forward to it.

So I shall now let the photos do the talking...
Alfie taking his blow up rolling thing for a spin! I have no idea what this is, but it's a lot of fun!

Took us 2 days thanks to all the gifts from everybody!
Lily having a good look at her presents, this is a jewelry box from her great Aunt, Uncle and cousins
Plenty of carrots for the Reindeer to share!
My 3 little penguins..I've wrapped them up in an attempt to preserve them for next year...
A welcome change for Father Christmas, he had apple juice too!
Mummy and a slightly under the weather Alfie
Some quality bonding time, Little Miss the budding photographer and Little Man the willing subject!
As you can see Little Miss fully embraced the Christmas spirit. She wrote her own letter to Father Christmas and even did some squiggles for Alfie while she was she at it. She thought apple juice, cupcakes and jaffa cakes would be a nice change for Father Christmas and I quite agree! He even left them a note, how thoughtful!
I had all my family over on Christmas Eve which was delightful and on Christmas morning we were not up so bright and early as I thought. We had about an hour before Mother In Law was popping over to whisk us away for breakfast at hers!

Breakfast was immense. I was treated to 2 rolls, 2 poached eggs and smoked salmon, incredibly yummy! Little Miss helped herself to some toast and then indulged in grapes while everybody else enjoyed a full English breakfast, now that's a good way to start the day! We opened pressies, then scooted on over to Other Half's sisters where her little monkeys received their gifts. When we arrived they were already making use of their new scooters and bike before the rain came!

The only downside was that Little Man didn't get to eat his Christmas dinner with us as I didn't finish cooking until 6pm! Little Miss pulled all the crackers before dinner time, and we had the usual food battle (some things never stop for Christmas hey?) then we opened a few more pressies before me and the Other Half chilled out on the sofa playing PS3 and munching on anything remotely bad for you we could find!
Now a Happy New Year to you all!
Cupcake Mumma and The Cupcake Crew!

This week Baby I Promise...

So Christmas is over and we had a really good one, at last! We're all played out! It would appear I never linked up with the last 'Baby I promise' what a der brain! But I did get into the Christmas spirit, I did play with Little Man and his toys A LOT and I also baked with Little Miss a fair bit! Whatever she wanted.
Little Miss helped baked the Christmas cake
Okay, there are no toys here but he looks cute!
Alright, here goes. This week babies I promise....To get up before you so Mummy is bright and breezy and ready to go! Instead of Little Miss bouncing on my bed I could bounce on her instead!

I will also endevor to sort all your toys out and place all your new clothes into your wardrobe...I have next weeks planned too!

Mum Of One

I Spy with my little eye...

Something beginning with F

Head on over to Mum of One to join in 'I Spy'
Mum of One

The Gallery

Christmas 2009
This was when myself, Little Miss and the Other Half were still living with my parents. A few months after this we moved into our first flat. 
The snow had fallen quite marvelously that year but as you can see this photo was taken on a chilly day out when the snow was just about gone. I don't have many old photos from Christmas about, well not on my laptop anyway, as if I'm truly honest this Christmas will probably be the best I've had in a long, long time. 
Anyway, I'm showing this one as I came across it, saw Little Miss all bundled up in warm clothes having a little woodland adventure with myself and her Daddy, all dinky like there is nothing on her (she would've been 2 1/2 years old, she's nearly 4 now!) We were actually just around the corner from saying 'Merry Christmas' to two ponies which Little Miss had befriended long before. 
This wasn't the best Christmas, little did I know 2010 was going to be ten times worse (thanks to pregnancy and not much else) it was these times walking with my family in the beautiful countryside that got me through any time. And you cannot beat a wonderful walk in the fresh air to make you feel better again.
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Please Mr.Stalk, I think there's been a mistake?!!

Finally I have my little 'bundle of joy' tucked up in his bed fast asleep. It's been a tough couple of days in this house and the reason being? Well, and here's where Mr.Stalk comes in, it would appear that when I ordered my 'bundle of joy' for 19th February 2011 what I got was a Cling-on in disguise. (No not the star wars thing, that would be suggesting my boy was ugly, which he isn't, he hasn't annoyed that much...)
Cute, but even that would get annoying.
Image from Google
You see I can't remember the last time this lovely little boy of mine wasn't practically strapped to my side! I know it's just a phase, I don't remember going through it with Little Miss, well not this badly anyway. I'm being driven to the point of insanity right now. Nothing or nobody is quite good enough. At first this was wonderful, 'Aww my boy just wants his Mummy' now to be replaced with 'Argh what, common now give me a break!'
Sounds harsh I know, but it's true.

Anyway I am just so glad that he's asleep now. I don't think it helped that Little Miss was waking hourly last night with her covers off, or her t-shirt had gone funny, or her teddies had moved from under her belly. Nightmare. I'm getting a little break from Little Miss tonight however as she has gone to Grandmas for the night. My sister is babysitting but Little Miss takes great joy at being with both of them. Including her Pops with his music laying about everywhere.
It's actually great that Little Miss is off on her adventure tonight as I've been needing an excuse to do the Christmas Eve  goody bags without her running in at the most crucial moment 'Mummmeeeeee what's that?' 'Urgh, nothing dear'! That being said whilst shoving a copious amount of crap (and presents) back into the overcrowded cupboard.

I've just set up their bags. Inside they have a DVD each, a soft toy each, Little Miss has a make up set to play with and Little Man has a toy train. I've popped in some chocolate stars for Miss and vanilla cookies from Tesco's baby range for Mr. This should keep them happy throughout the day while I prepare my spread for the family.

Anyway, I'm now going to enjoy the peace. Little Man is snuggled up, I'm awaiting that very important phone call from Little Miss before she goes to bed (not that she'll sleep but I won't tell my sister that) then I'm going to watch Friends and enjoy a bit of chocolate.

Listography:What Makes Christmas, Christmas?

Ah I think I needed this to make me more 'in the mood' for this Christmas (which is actually dragging its arse through December may I add). So here is my top 5 of what makes Christmas Christmas to me.

1) The tree.
Pulling it out of the attic along with all the other decorations is a feeling that I really love. It's exciting because it means the children, okay Little Miss, has the biggest smile on her face and loves decorating her own little pink tree which is in the bedroom she shares with Little Man.
2) Stockings
I love stockings and as you can see we ALL have one. In this house it's Father Christmas who comes down the chimney and places gifts in our stockings, nothing extravagant but still lovely little gifts. He then places them at the foot of our beds for us to open on Christmas morning. Then we have gifts under our tree from friends and family. I don't like the idea that all those wonderful gifts are brought by Father Christmas when they have been bought my Mummy and Daddy who have thought long and hard about what to get and saved hard to get it!

 3) Roast Dinner
I love a roast dinner anyway but on Christmas I like to make even more of an effort. The meat eaters chose whatever they would like and I do my best to cook it perfectly. I prepare everything early and make sure the potatoes are crispy and oily. Yum yum!I have fresh salmon and a delicious gluten free stuffing mix with my Christmas dinner and it really is one of my favourite things about Christmas.

mmmm parsnips and tatties!
4) Christmas Cards
I love getting Christmas cards in the post it makes me feel like people have thought of you. It's lovely now that I live on my own that I get cards addressed to just me and my family, I like that finally I am a separate family unit I really do. I'm not so good at sending the cards however. I do send them, just slowly!

5) Family.
This year I have my side of the family over for Christmas Eve. I'll put on a little spread and everyone will contribute something to the table. On Christmas morning Other Half's mum is picking us up and we'll go over to see his sisters and enjoy some gift giving and seeing her 3 adorable little monkeys. After that we are going to the Mother In Laws house for a Christmas breakfast before heading home to enjoy some time together, the first time the 4 of us. The first decent, really decent Christmas in a very long time. 
googled image
So what's your top 5 things that make Christmas Christmas to you? Head on over to Kate Takes 5 to add your own and have a look see at everyone elses.

Saturday is Caption Day!

Huh? What's this I have in my possession? A rather good photo I think..Perfect for Saturday Is Caption Day you might say?

Ahh it is the wonder herself, Mummasauraus. I'm sure you were expecting this *grins*
Must say i'm loving the pose. Any captions for this? Can't wait to hear from you!
(Is that 'I heart frogs' in the background?)

And for my offering (just in case you struggle with the above which is unlikely):
 Link up with Mummasaurus here and join in the fun!
(And just to add, I haven't raided your file ninja style, I promise *winks*)

Black Dog Tribe

There's a new charity that has been set up by comedian Ruby Wax all in the name of helping people who suffer with mental illness.
I've been there, not severely thank God but far enough to know it's a miserable, isolating, all consuming place of emptiness  desperation and sometimes so bad you contemplate not even existing anymore.
That's where Black Dog Tribe comes in, please have a look, it's a great new charity and aims to help everyone from suffers, those moving into recovery and friends and families of those going through mental illness. It's can be incredibly difficult and hard to understand those who suffer mental illness but is help out there for those who both live with it, and those who live along side it.
I hope I've summed that up right.

Anyway, Maummasauras has decided to take some Chirstmassy action so I have joined in with a festive photo to add to her video idea!

Little Man chilling with his mates!

And what makes me, me!

Sorry they're not funny, but they're Christmas like! 


Gluten Free Mince Pie Making!

I'm so glad to have my baking bug back...okay it's not really back just today I had an urge to bake and so i full filled that urge! I made some gluten and dairy free mince pies. Nom Nom!

If anyone would like to have a go (making the same or replacing the 'free from' for 'evilness') then be my guest! I'd love to see your homemade mince pies!
You need:
8oz (16tbsp) plain blended rice flour
4oz (8tbsp) vitalite (or similar dairy free butter)
3 tsp caster sugar (for my sweet tooth)
1 egg beaten (for glazing)
4 tbsp water

First pop your flour and sugar into the bowl giving it a little mix about. Add our butter and get those hands working making breadcrumbs!
Then you need to add the water, this may seem sticky or watery at first but it does get better and is just the right amount (i actually thought it wasn't enough but it was)
Little Miss my willing helper
Exhibit A
 Once your pastry is gathered into a nice big ball, place onto clingfilm, tightly wrap and place in the fridge for 30mins
Place into your tins, or roll between two sheets of clingfilm (gluten free pastry is notoriously difficult to manage) 
Brush a bit of that egg yolk on top of your mince pies
Fill with mince meat and cook on 180 (fan oven) for roughly 25 Min's

As you can see I am not a kitchen goddess..I do not own scales (infuriating space invaders for maths phobic clutter hating people like me) I can't write instructions on cooking anything very well but you get the gist oh, and don't quote me on that cooking time I'd advise a watchful eye!

Anyway, they are darn tasty for me. However, I did leave them slightly longer in the oven as I am indulging in James Cordons autobiography so might have got a teeny tiny bit carried away! 
Nothings perfect right?
But it tastes goooooood!
Complete with Christmas plate ah

Project zero- Get to over 101 posts on my blog

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As promised, my blog has finally got to 102 (now 103 of course) with random posts about babies, depression, photos and of course,Poo!
Now crossed off Project Zero!


Crap on a £400 sofa? Of course it's my day!

I am not having a good evening, as you can probably tell. Strangely though in between the Little Man crying for attention and checking his temperature hasn't spiked I'm finding I'm laughing about it all. Very, very unusual behaviour.

But yes, you didn't read it wrong my wonderfully new and comfortable sofa has been shat on. Well and truly. The only option I had was to wash it off (apparently not what you're supposed to do) and shove it all in the washing machine (apparently definitely not what you're supposed to do) They're in good company though, my jeans also had a nice lump of crap on them as well. Thanks son.

I don't blame him though. I was expecting a 'poonarmie' of great proportions from that nappy. Sadly no, it just so happened that the Little Man had angled himself perfectly allowing poop to be slowly placed on my cushions and clothing...And my hand of course.

The Other Half is going-to-freak-out.

Anyway the matter is dealt with, my lounge smells fresh but the child is now screaming again so I must depart from my crap tale (see what I did there?) and see to his every whim. Hope there's no crap on your sofas!
Ps. New background get the thumbs up?

(Disappointing) Light Switch On

I was really looking forward to putting on all my warm gear and dressing Little Miss up to the brim in warm clothes to spend some quality time with her at the town's local light switch on (naming it a 'festival' evening was a bit adventurous on whoever came up with this idea, but I'll let that slide)

What we did was quality time and I can't fault that. We found the parade but Little Miss didn't make a lantern like many of the other children from school. This was fine though, we just slotted in some random school (turns out our one was right behind, so typical of me) We were lucky that it rained and hailed for only five minuets and that was when we left (yes I cursed a little at the point) and I got the most disapproving looks from one woman who clearly thought me most cruel for taking my daughter out in the cold to see some Christmas festivity (well, she has to come out of her cage some time Mrs*.)

Anyway the parade was lovely, all the children were laughing and singing Christmas carols the cold a million miles from their minds. Lily loved being able to walk in the middle of the road and enjoyed seeing all the big paper crafted robins, doves stares and even fishing boats being carefully carried around the town.

 It's just unfortunate that once the parade finished we stood there unable to hear the man on the mic, we didn't get to say the count down until it got to 8 (as we couldn't hear it being started) then the lights went on just before 10 anyway. Last year there was a small ride, we shouted the whole countdown from 10, Santa was there in his Grotto but this year the atmosphere wasn't the same, there wasn't a Santa in his Grotto and it just wasn't as good.

Nevertheless, I took a few photos of the night which at the end of the day got me out the house and spending a bit of time with my Little Miss who was really happy. Just a shame I banged on so much about bloody Santa!
Handmade Robin to join the others
Little Miss wrapped up against the elements!
Gotta have a Cornish fishing boat! Made by Roskear School
It wasn't snowing, but trust me, the edit makes for a better photo!!

 Hope you all enjoyed your town lights being switched on or will do if you haven't yet had yours.
Nadelic Lowen!  (A Happy Christmas!) 
Have some Cornish! And don't ever say I don't teach you anything!

(* I do not keep my child in a cage...)

Snap Slappers Week 5-Christmas Edition

I'm returning from a week off from Snap Slappers, no excuses I was just, like totally slack *hangs head in shame* but this week I'm redeeming myself by spreading some Christmas cheer (sorry Motherventing!)

Here's my pretty little singing angel I took a while ago but she may be looking pretty but Christmassy she ain't so over to Picnik.com to make her a little more festive.
And here's the outcome! A very warm and happy Christmas to you all!

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This week Baby I Promise...

Little Miss's

Yey! *Does dance* I took not one, oh no but TWO children to toddler group! As the teachers decided to strike I thought why not? I had a last minute wobble and I wasn't entirely comfortable being in said group but I still went with both Little Miss and Little Man. I'm aware i'm posting this a bit late I just totally forgot!

Anyway, the important thing is that both of them had a really nice time so it doesn't matter that mummy was sat there secretly wishing she could hide herself away. Not many people turned up, most likely due to childcare reasons with all the schools off, after all the session is for 3 years and under. Both of them made a Christmas card which Little Miss handed to Nanny at work feeling very pleased with herself and Little Mans went up on the mantle piece as soon as I got home.
Little Man's
Moving on....

Mum Of One

So this week baby I promise:

To do some baking with you, Little Miss, whatever you want!
Spend some quality time everyday playing with you Little Man and your new toys
Get excited for Christmas!