(Disappointing) Light Switch On

I was really looking forward to putting on all my warm gear and dressing Little Miss up to the brim in warm clothes to spend some quality time with her at the town's local light switch on (naming it a 'festival' evening was a bit adventurous on whoever came up with this idea, but I'll let that slide)

What we did was quality time and I can't fault that. We found the parade but Little Miss didn't make a lantern like many of the other children from school. This was fine though, we just slotted in some random school (turns out our one was right behind, so typical of me) We were lucky that it rained and hailed for only five minuets and that was when we left (yes I cursed a little at the point) and I got the most disapproving looks from one woman who clearly thought me most cruel for taking my daughter out in the cold to see some Christmas festivity (well, she has to come out of her cage some time Mrs*.)

Anyway the parade was lovely, all the children were laughing and singing Christmas carols the cold a million miles from their minds. L loved being able to walk in the middle of the road and enjoyed seeing all the big paper crafted robins, doves stares and even fishing boats being carefully carried around the town.

 It's just unfortunate that once the parade finished we stood there unable to hear the man on the mic, we didn't get to say the count down until it got to 8 (as we couldn't hear it being started) then the lights went on just before 10 anyway. Last year there was a small ride, we shouted the whole countdown from 10, Santa was there in his Grotto but this year the atmosphere wasn't the same, there wasn't a Santa in his Grotto and it just wasn't as good.

Nevertheless, I took a few photos of the night which at the end of the day got me out the house and spending a bit of time with my Little Miss who was really happy. Just a shame I banged on so much about bloody Santa!
Handmade Robin to join the others
Little Miss wrapped up against the elements!
Gotta have a Cornish fishing boat! Made by Roskear School
It wasn't snowing, but trust me, the edit makes for a better photo!!

 Hope you all enjoyed your town lights being switched on or will do if you haven't yet had yours.
Nadelic Lowen!  (A Happy Christmas!) 
Have some Cornish! And don't ever say I don't teach you anything!

(* I do not keep my child in a cage...)

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