Listography:What Makes Christmas, Christmas?

Ah I think I needed this to make me more 'in the mood' for this Christmas (which is actually dragging its arse through December may I add). So here is my top 5 of what makes Christmas Christmas to me.

1) The tree.
Pulling it out of the attic along with all the other decorations is a feeling that I really love. It's exciting because it means the children, okay Little Miss, has the biggest smile on her face and loves decorating her own little pink tree which is in the bedroom she shares with Little Man.
2) Stockings
I love stockings and as you can see we ALL have one. In this house it's Father Christmas who comes down the chimney and places gifts in our stockings, nothing extravagant but still lovely little gifts. He then places them at the foot of our beds for us to open on Christmas morning. Then we have gifts under our tree from friends and family. I don't like the idea that all those wonderful gifts are brought by Father Christmas when they have been bought my Mummy and Daddy who have thought long and hard about what to get and saved hard to get it!

 3) Roast Dinner
I love a roast dinner anyway but on Christmas I like to make even more of an effort. The meat eaters chose whatever they would like and I do my best to cook it perfectly. I prepare everything early and make sure the potatoes are crispy and oily. Yum yum!I have fresh salmon and a delicious gluten free stuffing mix with my Christmas dinner and it really is one of my favourite things about Christmas.

mmmm parsnips and tatties!
4) Christmas Cards
I love getting Christmas cards in the post it makes me feel like people have thought of you. It's lovely now that I live on my own that I get cards addressed to just me and my family, I like that finally I am a separate family unit I really do. I'm not so good at sending the cards however. I do send them, just slowly!

5) Family.
This year I have my side of the family over for Christmas Eve. I'll put on a little spread and everyone will contribute something to the table. On Christmas morning Other Half's mum is picking us up and we'll go over to see his sisters and enjoy some gift giving and seeing her 3 adorable little monkeys. After that we are going to the Mother In Laws house for a Christmas breakfast before heading home to enjoy some time together, the first time the 4 of us. The first decent, really decent Christmas in a very long time. 
googled image
So what's your top 5 things that make Christmas Christmas to you? Head on over to Kate Takes 5 to add your own and have a look see at everyone elses.


  1. Great list, and a couple made mine too (family and tree decorating.)
    Never even thought of stockings, but the kids having a stocking each is a tradition in our house!

  2. Our kids have a stocking each and Santa stuffs it with gifts, he also delivers all the other presents that magically appear in their giant gift bags downstairs but they're still all labelled from us.
    When I was little mum used to say that she and dad bought our presents but they had to be sent to Santa for him to deliver them. Not once did I question it or even wonder that this didn't really make sense!
    I guess she didn't want Santa taking all the credit either when she'd put so much time and effort into choosing gifts she new we'd love :)
    I now say the same to my children and non of them have questioned it....yet!

  3. Hope that's got you in the mood! Have a wonderful one - sounds like you'll be busy..

  4. I love Christmas cards too. It's sad that so few people send them nowadays. I especially like reading all the newsletters that still come in cards to my mum/that she sends out. I guess with FB etc, people of my generation and younger don't really need newsletters annually to keep people up to date with what's happening.

  5. Mmmmm those parsnips and potatoes are making my tummy rumble! Lovely list. I hope you and your family have a good one x

  6. I hope this is your best ever, sounds like you deserve it.

  7. I love getting Christmas cards, too! Last year was my first time doing it and I learned that if I actually send them out, I get even more! Too bad I didn't keep it up two years in a row. Here's to next year!