Black Dog Tribe

There's a new charity that has been set up by comedian Ruby Wax all in the name of helping people who suffer with mental illness.
I've been there, not severely thank God but far enough to know it's a miserable, isolating, all consuming place of emptiness  desperation and sometimes so bad you contemplate not even existing anymore.
That's where Black Dog Tribe comes in, please have a look, it's a great new charity and aims to help everyone from suffers, those moving into recovery and friends and families of those going through mental illness. It's can be incredibly difficult and hard to understand those who suffer mental illness but is help out there for those who both live with it, and those who live along side it.
I hope I've summed that up right.

Anyway, Maummasauras has decided to take some Chirstmassy action so I have joined in with a festive photo to add to her video idea!

Little Man chilling with his mates!

And what makes me, me!

Sorry they're not funny, but they're Christmas like! 


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