Please Mr.Stalk, I think there's been a mistake?!!

Finally I have my little 'bundle of joy' tucked up in his bed fast asleep. It's been a tough couple of days in this house and the reason being? Well, and here's where Mr.Stalk comes in, it would appear that when I ordered my 'bundle of joy' for 19th February 2011 what I got was a Cling-on in disguise. (No not the star wars thing, that would be suggesting my boy was ugly, which he isn't, he hasn't annoyed that much...)
Cute, but even that would get annoying.
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You see I can't remember the last time this lovely little boy of mine wasn't practically strapped to my side! I know it's just a phase, I don't remember going through it with Little Miss, well not this badly anyway. I'm being driven to the point of insanity right now. Nothing or nobody is quite good enough. At first this was wonderful, 'Aww my boy just wants his Mummy' now to be replaced with 'Argh what, common now give me a break!'
Sounds harsh I know, but it's true.

Anyway I am just so glad that he's asleep now. I don't think it helped that Little Miss was waking hourly last night with her covers off, or her t-shirt had gone funny, or her teddies had moved from under her belly. Nightmare. I'm getting a little break from Little Miss tonight however as she has gone to Grandmas for the night. My sister is babysitting but Little Miss takes great joy at being with both of them. Including her Pops with his music laying about everywhere.
It's actually great that Little Miss is off on her adventure tonight as I've been needing an excuse to do the Christmas Eve  goody bags without her running in at the most crucial moment 'Mummmeeeeee what's that?' 'Urgh, nothing dear'! That being said whilst shoving a copious amount of crap (and presents) back into the overcrowded cupboard.

I've just set up their bags. Inside they have a DVD each, a soft toy each, Little Miss has a make up set to play with and Little Man has a toy train. I've popped in some chocolate stars for Miss and vanilla cookies from Tesco's baby range for Mr. This should keep them happy throughout the day while I prepare my spread for the family.

Anyway, I'm now going to enjoy the peace. Little Man is snuggled up, I'm awaiting that very important phone call from Little Miss before she goes to bed (not that she'll sleep but I won't tell my sister that) then I'm going to watch Friends and enjoy a bit of chocolate.

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