The Christmas Edition

Right, that's enough of my no blogging over Christmas rule. I have enjoyed the time off, and I haven't honestly had the urge to sit still for long enough to type up something for you all...Until now that is! Hope everyone had a really good time over Christmas? We're now gearing up for the weekend with plans to head on over to the In Laws, not sure what's on the menu but looking forward to it.

So I shall now let the photos do the talking...
A taking his blow up rolling thing for a spin! I have no idea what this is, but it's a lot of fun!

L having a good look at her presents, this is a jewelry box from her great Aunt, Uncle and cousins
Mummy and a slightly under the weather A
Some quality bonding time, Little Miss the budding photographer and Little Man the willing subject!
As you can see Little Miss fully embraced the Christmas spirit. She wrote her own letter to Father Christmas and even did some squiggles for A while she was she at it. She thought apple juice, cupcakes and jaffa cakes would be a nice change for Father Christmas and I quite agree! He even left them a note, how thoughtful!
I had all my family over on Christmas Eve which was delightful and on Christmas morning we were not up so bright and early as I thought. We had about an hour before Mother In Law was popping over to whisk us away for breakfast at hers!

Breakfast was immense. I was treated to 2 rolls, 2 poached eggs and smoked salmon, incredibly yummy! Little Miss helped herself to some toast and then indulged in grapes while everybody else enjoyed a full English breakfast, now that's a good way to start the day! We opened pressies, then scooted on over to Other Half's sisters where her little monkeys received their gifts. When we arrived they were already making use of their new scooters and bike before the rain came!

The only downside was that Little Man didn't get to eat his Christmas dinner with us as I didn't finish cooking until 6pm! Little Miss pulled all the crackers before dinner time, and we had the usual food battle (some things never stop for Christmas hey?) then we opened a few more pressies before me and the Other Half chilled out on the sofa playing PS3 and munching on anything remotely bad for you we could find!
Now a Happy New Year to you all!
Cupcake Mumma and The Cupcake Crew!

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