Gluten Free Mince Pie Making!

I'm so glad to have my baking bug back...okay it's not really back just today I had an urge to bake and so i full filled that urge! I made some gluten and dairy free mince pies. Nom Nom!

If anyone would like to have a go (making the same or replacing the 'free from' for 'evilness') then be my guest! I'd love to see your homemade mince pies!
You need:
8oz (16tbsp) plain blended rice flour
4oz (8tbsp) vitalite (or similar dairy free butter)
3 tsp caster sugar (for my sweet tooth)
1 egg beaten (for glazing)
4 tbsp water

First pop your flour and sugar into the bowl giving it a little mix about. Add our butter and get those hands working making breadcrumbs!
Then you need to add the water, this may seem sticky or watery at first but it does get better and is just the right amount (i actually thought it wasn't enough but it was)
Little Miss my willing helper
Exhibit A
 Once your pastry is gathered into a nice big ball, place onto clingfilm, tightly wrap and place in the fridge for 30mins
Place into your tins, or roll between two sheets of clingfilm (gluten free pastry is notoriously difficult to manage) 
Brush a bit of that egg yolk on top of your mince pies
Fill with mince meat and cook on 180 (fan oven) for roughly 25 Min's

As you can see I am not a kitchen goddess..I do not own scales (infuriating space invaders for maths phobic clutter hating people like me) I can't write instructions on cooking anything very well but you get the gist oh, and don't quote me on that cooking time I'd advise a watchful eye!

Anyway, they are darn tasty for me. However, I did leave them slightly longer in the oven as I am indulging in James Cordons autobiography so might have got a teeny tiny bit carried away! 
Nothings perfect right?
But it tastes goooooood!
Complete with Christmas plate ah

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