This week Baby I Promise...

Little Miss's

Yey! *Does dance* I took not one, oh no but TWO children to toddler group! As the teachers decided to strike I thought why not? I had a last minute wobble and I wasn't entirely comfortable being in said group but I still went with both Little Miss and Little Man. I'm aware i'm posting this a bit late I just totally forgot!

Anyway, the important thing is that both of them had a really nice time so it doesn't matter that mummy was sat there secretly wishing she could hide herself away. Not many people turned up, most likely due to childcare reasons with all the schools off, after all the session is for 3 years and under. Both of them made a Christmas card which Little Miss handed to Nanny at work feeling very pleased with herself and Little Mans went up on the mantle piece as soon as I got home.
Little Man's
Moving on....

Mum Of One

So this week baby I promise:

To do some baking with you, Little Miss, whatever you want!
Spend some quality time everyday playing with you Little Man and your new toys
Get excited for Christmas!