Crap on a £400 sofa? Of course it's my day!

I am not having a good evening, as you can probably tell. Strangely though in between the Little Man crying for attention and checking his temperature hasn't spiked I'm finding I'm laughing about it all. Very, very unusual behaviour.

But yes, you didn't read it wrong my wonderfully new and comfortable sofa has been shat on. Well and truly. The only option I had was to wash it off (apparently not what you're supposed to do) and shove it all in the washing machine (apparently definitely not what you're supposed to do) They're in good company though, my jeans also had a nice lump of crap on them as well. Thanks son.

I don't blame him though. I was expecting a 'poonarmie' of great proportions from that nappy. Sadly no, it just so happened that the Little Man had angled himself perfectly allowing poop to be slowly placed on my cushions and clothing...And my hand of course.

The Other Half is going-to-freak-out.

Anyway the matter is dealt with, my lounge smells fresh but the child is now screaming again so I must depart from my crap tale (see what I did there?) and see to his every whim. Hope there's no crap on your sofas!
Ps. New background get the thumbs up?

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