Santa,Sweeties and A Silent Night...

As promised I am updating you on our lovely day. Father Christmas took time out of his busy schedule to visit all the children this afternoon for a little party. As you'll see below I managed to root through Little Miss's wardrobe and find her a nice little outfit for this afternoon out. When I eventually arrived Santa was just parking his bottom ready to start reading the names out for these eagerly waiting children including my Little Miss and her 3 cousins (all dressed very smart may I add).

Little Miss was eyeballing this sack full of presents...I was feeling a bit mean so asked Little Miss and my nephew if they were absolutely certain they had been good enough to receive a gift from Santa. Doesn't sound too mean does it? No, not until they start looking about realising there are not too many children left! 'Has Santa not got us one?' They asked..What a way to make me feel bad!

Nephew number 2 however was called up shortly after my bad joke and as you can see was very pleased with his gift.
There was nice big train set inside this parcel, thumbs up apparently.
Then it was my nieces turn to go up. She decided to not sit anywhere near me (probably a good idea!) So I had to get a shot of her waiting, very seriously yet very patiently (after all it's serious business this waiting for Santa lark)
Collecting her pressie from Santa
Then it was Nephew no.1's turn. Again it was serious stuff waiting for his name but he was chuffed to finally be called to meet ol' Santa, not that I got a chance to capture that moment properly as he just kind of swooped in!

And my Little Miss finally got to go up bless her:
Having a chat with Santa

Always the one to get the parcel almost the same size as herself!

Unwrapping her dolly

Of course Little Man got a nice little (actually rather big) present, toys for the bath, a handy bath net for said toys (which funnily enough I've always wanted!) some stacking blocks and boats. He was chuffed just to get out the house to be honest!

After the party we left laden with sweets and feeling happy. Little Miss was disappointed that Santa wouldn't be tagging along on the bus home with us but "it's alright" I said, he'll be back to see you soon..the town lights switch on Wednesday evening so we're spending a little quality time watching them before queueing in the cold to visit him again!

As the title says I am now sat with 2 special little people asleep upstairs and the Other Half dribbling on my sofa fast asleep..Nice.
Until tomorrow,
Hannah x

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