My Sunday Photo Week 5 (Robot Gets a Ride!)

Little A has been hard to cope with lately. One of our big things at the moment is the (dreaded) school run. It's tough in the morning, it's tough in the afternoon for nursery and it's tough on the way home. This was one nursery run where there was no melt down and I liked the moment he asked to put robot in the buggy for a bit. Robot stayed in the buggy all day i'm told!


Our Week That was Captured: Week 5

This week:

I started a brand new book I've waited a while for. It's Confessions of a Mother Inferior by Ericka Waller. It was so good to read and crosses off another book from my 26 Books list! I'm now back to the 4th installment of Harry Potter.

I had lunch out with hubby once this week which was rather nice. We mooched around the shops and I bought lots of bits and bobs from town. I mainly bought clove oil, some nice new hair stuff to give me some volume and Little A a much needed bag! He adores his new digger bag.

I made a last minute rice pudding which is my all time favourite dessert. It cannot beaten if done properly. I was feeling a bit random so chose to eat out of a pink mug of mine instead of a bowl. I think this has more to do with greed than anything else actually!

I had yet another dental visit this week. I was poked and prodded but there's nothing he can see so I went off with a 7 day prescription for an infection which appears to not even exist. I think I'll be starting February with another set of drills for a replacement filling...

Little A has been very difficult these past couple of weeks but one day we went to nursery in the buggy and he asked to get out when we were nearly there. He then swapped places with his robot and pushed him some of the way before it was my turn. 

We've had a lazy Saturday because Daddy has been out at football. The kids built tents, mostly argued, were bribed with sweets that were supposed to be posted to someone else...hmm we watched a bit of Harry Potter and had a real junky tea. Before Little A could conk out on the sofa, I got out some craft bits and they both decorated their own t-shirts a friend gave me recently. I actually had a lot fun!

New book// Yummy rice pudding// A and his new bag!// *sigh*// Robot gets a lift// Painting t-shirts!

Next week it's non uniform day, I'm going to be doing some birthday planning for Little A, we have our very first paediatrician appointment which I'm very nervous about and no doubt more dental appointments for myself! I'm determined to get through next week without touching my little savings pot! Wish me luck!

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Googly Eye Craft for The Crafting Prompt

I've already posted this week about both weeks 2&3 of Let Them be Small's new crafting prompt link up. I've been very slow blogging after I've crafted but so much has been going on here! Today though I settled down with Little A before nursry for a super quick craft.

If you pop down to The Works they have some plain white puppets just waiting to be decorated! I also purchased some funky googly eyes with eyelashes on as something a bit more fun. We sat down with the eyes, the puppets some stickers and a marker pen.

I don't have any photos of Little A and his puppet because it seems my phone has deleted them *sad face* but here's a photo of the one he helped me do so at least you can see something!

Monster stickers for noses and buttons..

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Paperhaul January!

First things first, this month I have no idea what the theme is so im going to go with random. To me it's a totally random box of papery goodness and I adore it! There seems to be more this month which pleases me and I know it'll please other subscribers who felt the first box could've been full of a few more goodies.

First of all I will show you this lovely polka dot washi tape. I love the colour and can't wait to tape my happy mail envelopes up with it. I know lots of my pen pals will love it and it's very me!

Some more great postcards this month (more than last month!)

New scrap papers which are perfect for the new scrap book I purchased recently. My favourite sides are the ones in my first photo!

Some more cards ideal for popping into the post for those occasions but even better for those 'thinking of you' kind of moments that make people smile when they grab the post from the doormat.

Printed tags that are great for present labels, popping into cards with little messages on, sending as gifts with your happy mail or even using for scrap booking. These aren't my favourite items in the box but I know they'll be used.

You can't have a stationery box without stickers!

I'm looking forward to Februarys Paperhaul box even more now! I really do think these boxes will get better and better. If I missed a really obvious theme please let me know! As with the last review, I must point out I do pay for these boxes myself but I do get a reduction in the price as a Paperhaul Blogger. Let me know what you think of this months box in the comments below (or tweet me!)

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Happiness Jar & Frozen Cake #thecraftingprompt Week 2&3

It's been a while since I messed around with the felt I keep in the kids craft box. I had a brief spell with felting but I'm just not gifted in this type of craft (see also knitting, sewing and crotchet!) but still, I can cut out felt and find all sorts to decorate with and that's just what I've done for the second crafting challenge prompt of felt.

I wanted to make a happiness jar to pop all those random happy thoughts onto paper and place them into the jar. I'll then open the jar at the end of 2015 and read them all back! I've simply just stuck chosen coloured felt and buttons on my little jar (which once contained Apple sauce. I'd go for a bigger one if I was you but it's all I had available) and I had some fabric paint I used to 'write' on the felt and this lovely pendant I found in a craft box. I've had it for years so I'm pleased to finally have a use for it.

The next prompt is Spoons. I thought I'd post a photo of my recent Frozen inspired birthday cake for this one (after all, baking is done with wooden spoons in this house still!) I used a well known recipe of 6, 6 and 6oz flour, caster sugar and butter and 3 eggs. Then I used some baking powder and a couple of tablespoons of coco powder. All of this was milk and gluten free. The icing is a bought icing because it is so utterly delicious and the wonderful design on top was a great eBay find costing around £3. *Tip* Pop your rice/sugar papers into the freezer for a few minutes to make the removal super easy and minimise tearing! They are so delicate to handle.

Next time the prompt is Googly Eyes so look out for that post this week!
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Our Week That Was Captured 19-25 January

Last week was a lot better than the previous week I'm glad to report! On Tuesday It was hubbies turn to endure the dental work so I waited around for him to have it all done before we made it on time for the school pick up. Before I met him at the dentists I had a lovely half hour with my mum in Costa. We had hot chocolate and chatted before she had to leave for work. After the school run we made the decision to treat the kids to a Weatherspoons dinner. They both enjoyed their meals and so did both Jay and I.

On Wednesday I did what ever I could to keep my mind off of the impending dental visit so anxious was I about the whole thing! It went much better than planned but after a few hours I had a lot of pain. Jay had gone to football training so Midge was my little hero and helped me out with bedtime. The pain did fade but I might have an infection which is being looked at this week.
The other days just fall into a blur a part from Saturday which was Jays' birthday. He had a nice football themed cake and I spent the day with the little ones watching films whilst he played football in St. Agnes. The morning was lovely though because we met up with my in laws and all six children got together to have breakfast at Table Table. It was SO good I can't wait to go back again (but I'm starting my new healthy weight watching this week so must be careful!)

Only a short one this week as not much really happened. Still, I've been reading my posts back and it's been so nice to see what we got up to I wish I wrote more last year! Hopefully I'll be on time with my post so I don't forget quite so much!

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Struggling to Strike Out

Kate has returned with her fabulous link up Striking Mums which really does bring us Mums together despite our very different journeys and different needs of support. Although I didn't participate much last year because of well, I'm not actually sure why, but I hope to be more involved this year anyway.

As the title says I'm struggling. I have so very much to be thankful for and believe me I am thankful everyday, but at the moment I just can't pick myself up. I keep drifting off thinking about the person and parent I used to be and disliking the one I am today. I am always tired. I am lazy. I am selfish in that I prefer to do my things than do the things my children find fun. I hardly bake. I feel the pressure of my children growing and knowing soon they will be there in school and I will be all alone and need to fill my time but I am too anxious to volunteer or get a job. I am gaining weight so quick and have no motivation to lose it yet hate the feeling of carrying this bloated body around.

January has floored me to be honest. My daughters birthday was a lovely occasion, my husband's family breakfast on his birthday was lovely. Seeing some friends this month was nice and happy mail has kept me going but I have day after day after day of pain or discomfort for 3 weeks now since the dentist did work on one tooth. It grinds you down feeling like this. I feel totally unappreciated at home and I am so sick of the bloody school runs, the same roads, the same battles with the toddler, the same parents I am invisible to day in day out.

Usually when I write these posts I like to inspire others but this time I have nothing to give. I always bounce back from dark moments and this moment will be no exception. Sorry I'm not so striking this week xx

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Midge Goes Without Stabilisers!

I've never posted a video on here before but for the sake of memories I'm giving it all a go. Today we all ventured out with Midges new bike she got from us on her birthday and we headed to the local football field. She started off on some small hills practicing her balance then we walked over to the cricket pitches where Little A could play on the slides and Midge could have a go at peddling on some concrete...

I'm so proud of my girl right now. She is prone to lack of self believe even at this tender age (reminds me of myself absolutely) but only once did she hang her head and feel like she'd never do it. But she did do it and not only that but she didn't fall off once! Proud parenting moment right there and the best (and only) good moment of my day today, so thank goodness it was such a great one. 
Well done Midge!!


My Sunday Photo: Cake!

Another date in January, another birthday. This time it's my wonderful Husbands' birthday. He turned 25 yesterday. Here's a team effort cake put together rather last minute after a pretty tough night with the kids. Normally I have a total ban on the birthday person having a say in their cake but on this occasion I let it slide!


Midge Turns 7!

On Saturday my beautiful little girl turned 7 years old. She's been in count down mode since Christmas (!) so naturally, the nearer the day became, the more excitement filled our house until the morning of the 17th, when I was awoken by the prodding of a finger and a huge grin! The day before we went to Pizza Hut meeting up with a friend an her daughter and Kat visited with her baby girl for the weekend too which was lovely. 

 For the birthday itself, Midge came down to her presents which included many Frozen gifts and a       new bike. Check out this wonderful look on her face:

Jay took her and our niece to a soft play center then returned home for homemade, Frozen-inspired birthday cake and a meal out at Weatherspoons which was delicious! It was quite a big meal with her Nanny, Grandma, Auntie, plus Kat, Jay and I, Little A and her cousin. But it was very nice and she was happy, which is all that matters.

We were all pretty tired by the end of the day so they girls went up to their bed to watch a film while I made hot chocolate with marshmallows and a 'midnight' snack. I can't quite believe my Midge is 7's all going faster and faster. It's funny, because Little A is behind he seems like he's not really growing up much at all, whereas Midge has always been quite sensitive, mature and helpful which means I sometimes forget her actual age! I'm glad she enjoyed her day because naturally she means the world to us. Love you lots Squidgy Midge!


Our Week That Was Captured #3

Last week was a difficult week. It started with Monday turning up at a last minute dental appointment to have a look at a filling put in 4 days earlier. This was cancelled and moved to a later time so I got on with my day heading to my appointment later. 3 numbing injections later I was still in a lot of discomfort. Turns out the first filling was irritating my nerves and that the dentist had placed it too deep. Needless to say I left very unhappy and in a lot of pain!

I still felt bad on Tuesday but it was to be expected. I got hardly any sleep and couldn't even muster the enthusiasm to plan Midges birthday. I simply did as little as possible, lived off painkillers and sat on the sofa! I obviously had school runs to do and Little A had fun on his bike. By Wednesday things were a little easier. I don't recall doing anything other than plodding about though! I planned exactly what was happening with the birthday girl and oh yes, I managed a Costa. The wrap was lovely but the sweet hot chocolate was over ambitious!

Thursday I zipped about with my mum doing dump runs and charity shop drop offs. That felt good. My house still needs emptying but it's lighter than before! We had some fun in the evening chatting and messing about with my Kawaii box glasses (mum took her first selfie!) we enjoyed soup for tea, yum yum.

On Friday Kat arrived! We headed to Pizza Hut with Midge and her cousin and met with a friend and her daughter. I got to have a chicken pizza which was delicious! The girls had a great time too. I also got my hair cut much shorter, a relief.

Saturday was birthday time! I stayed home with Kat, Little A and the beautiful baby girl whilst Jay took Midge and G to soft play for a few hours. We enjoyed cake and a sort of family meal out at Weatherspoons for dinner. Lovely!

Terrible tooth pain// Book no.2 of 26 Books// Recovering silliness// At the hairdressers//Little A greets T with cuddles// Pizza Hut fun// Birthday cake!// A big thumbs up from soft play// Saying by this beauty

This week I have my follow up at the dentist which terrifies me; I've hardly slept. Soon it'll be done though. It's hubbies 25th birthday at the weekend, so there'll be cake and football no doubt! Until then :)
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My Sunday Photo #3- Because We all Need to Laugh!

It's been a tough week for many and I haven't been too grand with my dental business (i'm presently terrified of my next appointment on Wednesday) I rooted through my Kawaii Box and I found these. They made me laugh. I mean, I look ridiculous and that's totaly the point. Hope you like this weeks photo!


Little A and his First Bike!

I was one of those parents who were a bit iffy about the idea of balance bikes. I actually thought they looked a little unsafe (there are no breaks after all!) I saw a lot of children who used them going so fast it frightened me! But then I heard about Liska and her little boy who loved his balance bike and thanks to that love and practice he took to his first, proper bike (aka one without stabilisers but with pedals and breaks) like a dream and all of a sudden I could see how great these things could be! We saw a bargain on Sports Direct and well, he loves it!

He loves his bike

'My motorbike!'

A train station break..(obviously)

He likes to pretend it's a motorbike and he makes revving noises- so sweet! We have it on all school runs and I can safely say that the 3 wheeled scooter we purchased was so far a total waste of money! He's getting exercise, he really loves it and it's made school runs a lot quicker! He's not as dangerous on it as I thought he would be. Now to find a more appealing helmet so he doesn't keep taking it off!!

Does your little one have a balance bike or did they have one and has it helped them move up to the 'big' bikes? I'd love to know!

Cupcakw Mumma

Better Late than Never- December's Kawaii Box Reveal!

So most people would've had their December Kawaii box, but due to some payment mishaps (thanks pay pal) mine was a little late. However, what's really cool is that not only do I get to enjoy my December box, my January box has just turned up too- woo! Anyway, here's what I got in this months Kawaii box (and by the way, I subscribe to this box on a monthly bases, I'm not paid or part of a blogging network with the company, just sharing a fab gift box.)

You always get a paper postcard with a sweet, handwritten message on. 'Cute holidays' was Decembers message. There was a pencil and rubber set in this box, which my children soon scooted off with! As you can see I found the rubbers but the pencils have been hidden from me...for now.

Every month Kawaii Box Company adds a tasty treat to their box. One month I got to make my own jelly sweets. In this box was this fun box of chocolate shaped ball biscuits. I obviously cannot eat these, but The Hubby said they were really nice. They smelt really good, kind of a cross between a chocolate smell and coffee smell. I really love the packaging, it's always really fun and the images that are on the biscuits are very cute.

As this was the December box and a little late, I have some great little stationery bits to put away for this year. This Santa card is 4 Santa's put together and they look fab! It came with a sweet little envelope of its own too. Also included were some sparkly stickers that will probably be used regardless of the Holiday Season passing! They are very 'me'! 

I love Hello Kitty and if you know Kawaii, then you know Hello Kitty is pretty big. The little scissors are created in her character and are very unique. I think they are fab and look forward to shaping my nails on a pamper evening. My daughter has claimed the plastic green hairband as her own for her dressing up box and it is perfect for her. I wouldn't wear it, but I know these quirky items are pretty big, there's always a unique gift like this in the boxes which some will find useful, fun and others will pass onto their kids (like me!)

This notebook is really small and full of coloured paper. It'll go onto my shelf and add to my notebook collection!

Another plushie for my Kawaii shelf (which I'll have to share with you soon) and a fluffy pencil case. This is really soft and i love the colours. I'm passing this on to a swap partner in an instagram swap because I don't have a use for it. 

So that's December's box! Look out soon for January's which, in my opinion, is even better!

Our Week That was Captured (Week 5-01-2015)

This week was the first week back to school. Hubby has been working lates and the children have certainly felt the sudden change in routine too! Still, it's been a pleasant week, here's what we got up to:

It's been freezing cold here in Cornwall this week but on Tuesday (the only day!) there was a glorious sun and spring feeling in the air. I got my feet out for the first time in months!

I enjoyed my first Costa in 2 weeks. I'm cutting right back on these treats to save money but I enjoyed this treat from Hubby.

Before I endured the dentist,The Hubby treated Little A and I to a Weatherspoons breakfast which was delicious. We mooched around town before grabbing a taxi to nursery as we ran a little late!

Then of course I had to endure my dentist trip which was very uncomfortable. I still have toothache 4 days after and I blame the act of trying to do drilling with no numbing- the arse! I am grateful though, don't get me wrong!

Little A took his balance bike out on the nursery runs this week and had a great time!

We did our usual train watching as we do everyday. It's also expanded to watch any diggers we may see too *sigh*

On Saturday I arranged a surprise date night for Hubby and I. Midge has now instructed us to go away for a night so grandma can babysit!

Midge and Little A played dress up most of Saturday so I baked some Udis packet brownies. Total cheat and mine are actually better because I know the measurements but packet ones are so much more chocolaty and I was craving that!

I got some happy mail at last! January's Kawaii box and post from a friend which included a lovely mini cupcake diary. Perfect for me Id say!

It was incredibly spring like on Tuesday, I got to bring my pumps out!// My December Kawaii box finally came// Hubbies hot chocolate at Weatherspoons//Little A wanting to take photos// My first Costa in 2 weeks!// After my rather big filling at the dentist (it still hurts now)// Riding his balance bike to school// Little A and Mummy 'selfie' time// Date night surprise dinner// Hubby happy with his meal// I baked brownies on Saturday whilst Midge and A played dress up// New diary from my friend

Next week Midge turns 7 and has her first proper school trip on Tuesday where she leaves in the morning and won't return until the evening: exciting! I'm hoping my friend visits but she's been a little poorly lately and so have her brood, so I won't get too excited just yet. I hope you've all had a good first week/second week (whatever!) into 2015 and do share any good moments with me or link up with Hannah too (by clicking the badge on this post)

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My Sunday Photo #2

The quality is utter pants but it's a very real photo. Last night I enjoyed a lovely dinner with The Hubby. He had played football until 6pm and I wanted to surprise him (something on my Project Kindness list in fact) with his favourite meal: pork, apple and stuffing pie with mash. And some Cider of course! We then danced to Ed Sheeran rather spontaneously and whilst romantic, it was full of laughter too. So that's the story behind this weeks photo, just a simple memory I want to record and never forget.

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Craft Prompt Week 1

Let Them Be Small

I've decided to join Let them be smalls' new link up every month where I'll be sharing a craft I create either by myself or with the children based on the weekly prompts shown below:

let them be small crafting prompts

For week 1, the prompt is ribbon. I was going to make a ribbon wand with the children but neither of them seemed very interested as they tired and what with going back to school this week, I thought I'd have some me time and make a little something for my home.

I popped to The Works and found some pretty ribbon, birds and a wooden heart. I tied the ribbon around the heart, replaced the boring rope hanging with matching ribbon and placed the birds along the top. The birds have been super glued to the wood to ensure they stay on and i'm really happy with the results of this very simple craft.

Let me know what you think and if you've joined in too leave me your link!

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