Little A and his First Bike!

I was one of those parents who were a bit iffy about the idea of balance bikes. I actually thought they looked a little unsafe (there are no breaks after all!) I saw a lot of children who used them going so fast it frightened me! But then I heard about Liska and her little boy who loved his balance bike and thanks to that love and practice he took to his first, proper bike (aka one without stabilisers but with pedals and breaks) like a dream and all of a sudden I could see how great these things could be! We saw a bargain on Sports Direct and well, he loves it!

He loves his bike

'My motorbike!'

A train station break..(obviously)

He likes to pretend it's a motorbike and he makes revving noises- so sweet! We have it on all school runs and I can safely say that the 3 wheeled scooter we purchased was so far a total waste of money! He's getting exercise, he really loves it and it's made school runs a lot quicker! He's not as dangerous on it as I thought he would be. Now to find a more appealing helmet so he doesn't keep taking it off!!

Does your little one have a balance bike or did they have one and has it helped them move up to the 'big' bikes? I'd love to know!

Cupcakw Mumma


  1. These are such a great idea! Also he is so cute! He is clearly so in love with that bike haha

  2. I never really saw the point in them much before but over the last year I have found out they are quite good-the boys just won't find out as Sam had a scooter for his birthday instead-I just hope he ends up using it as well as Alex did! So cute about little A revving it! x