Midge Goes Without Stabilisers!

I've never posted a video on here before but for the sake of memories I'm giving it all a go. Today we all ventured out with Midges new bike she got from us on her birthday and we headed to the local football field. She started off on some small hills practicing her balance then we walked over to the cricket pitches where Little A could play on the slides and Midge could have a go at peddling on some concrete...

I'm so proud of my girl right now. She is prone to lack of self believe even at this tender age (reminds me of myself absolutely) but only once did she hang her head and feel like she'd never do it. But she did do it and not only that but she didn't fall off once! Proud parenting moment right there and the best (and only) good moment of my day today, so thank goodness it was such a great one. 
Well done Midge!!



  1. Oh brilliant, she looks really steady on her bike too, well done little one :)

    1. Thank you i was so proud of how well she did in such a short space of time! x

  2. Brilliant. Such a milestone too.
    Bet L was very please with herself.

    Sa x

  3. Bless her, well done Midge she did really well and not wobbly really too! I must try and get Alex's stabilisers off-balance isn't his strongest attributes though ;) x

  4. How awesome! Definitely a very proud mommy moment. Thanks for linking up with the Best of the Blogosphere!