Happiness Jar & Frozen Cake #thecraftingprompt Week 2&3

It's been a while since I messed around with the felt I keep in the kids craft box. I had a brief spell with felting but I'm just not gifted in this type of craft (see also knitting, sewing and crotchet!) but still, I can cut out felt and find all sorts to decorate with and that's just what I've done for the second crafting challenge prompt of felt.

I wanted to make a happiness jar to pop all those random happy thoughts onto paper and place them into the jar. I'll then open the jar at the end of 2015 and read them all back! I've simply just stuck chosen coloured felt and buttons on my little jar (which once contained Apple sauce. I'd go for a bigger one if I was you but it's all I had available) and I had some fabric paint I used to 'write' on the felt and this lovely pendant I found in a craft box. I've had it for years so I'm pleased to finally have a use for it.

The next prompt is Spoons. I thought I'd post a photo of my recent Frozen inspired birthday cake for this one (after all, baking is done with wooden spoons in this house still!) I used a well known recipe of 6, 6 and 6oz flour, caster sugar and butter and 3 eggs. Then I used some baking powder and a couple of tablespoons of coco powder. All of this was milk and gluten free. The icing is a bought icing because it is so utterly delicious and the wonderful design on top was a great eBay find costing around £3. *Tip* Pop your rice/sugar papers into the freezer for a few minutes to make the removal super easy and minimise tearing! They are so delicate to handle.

Next time the prompt is Googly Eyes so look out for that post this week!
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  1. What a brilliant idea having a craft prompt ... might need to look into it more in the morning. Love the Happiness jar though :) xxx

    1. Oh you'd love it! I don't take nearly enough care and time on mine but I still enjoy it all xxx

    2. Hi Sarah-Jane - would be fab to see you join in - head to my blog to see the list of weekly prompts. Join in as few or as many as you want to :-)

    3. thank you for joinig in - i did a happiness jar last year and loved looking back on it at new year time x