Our Week That Was Captured 19-25 January

Last week was a lot better than the previous week I'm glad to report! On Tuesday It was hubbies turn to endure the dental work so I waited around for him to have it all done before we made it on time for the school pick up. Before I met him at the dentists I had a lovely half hour with my mum in Costa. We had hot chocolate and chatted before she had to leave for work. After the school run we made the decision to treat the kids to a Weatherspoons dinner. They both enjoyed their meals and so did both Jay and I.

On Wednesday I did what ever I could to keep my mind off of the impending dental visit so anxious was I about the whole thing! It went much better than planned but after a few hours I had a lot of pain. Jay had gone to football training so Midge was my little hero and helped me out with bedtime. The pain did fade but I might have an infection which is being looked at this week.
The other days just fall into a blur a part from Saturday which was Jays' birthday. He had a nice football themed cake and I spent the day with the little ones watching films whilst he played football in St. Agnes. The morning was lovely though because we met up with my in laws and all six children got together to have breakfast at Table Table. It was SO good I can't wait to go back again (but I'm starting my new healthy weight watching this week so must be careful!)

Only a short one this week as not much really happened. Still, I've been reading my posts back and it's been so nice to see what we got up to I wish I wrote more last year! Hopefully I'll be on time with my post so I don't forget quite so much!

Cupcake Mumma

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  1. Ooh I hate the dentist so much!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend though - happy belated birthday to Jay!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx