Our Week That was Captured (Week 5-01-2015)

This week was the first week back to school. Hubby has been working lates and the children have certainly felt the sudden change in routine too! Still, it's been a pleasant week, here's what we got up to:

It's been freezing cold here in Cornwall this week but on Tuesday (the only day!) there was a glorious sun and spring feeling in the air. I got my feet out for the first time in months!

I enjoyed my first Costa in 2 weeks. I'm cutting right back on these treats to save money but I enjoyed this treat from Hubby.

Before I endured the dentist,The Hubby treated Little A and I to a Weatherspoons breakfast which was delicious. We mooched around town before grabbing a taxi to nursery as we ran a little late!

Then of course I had to endure my dentist trip which was very uncomfortable. I still have toothache 4 days after and I blame the act of trying to do drilling with no numbing- the arse! I am grateful though, don't get me wrong!

Little A took his balance bike out on the nursery runs this week and had a great time!

We did our usual train watching as we do everyday. It's also expanded to watch any diggers we may see too *sigh*

On Saturday I arranged a surprise date night for Hubby and I. Midge has now instructed us to go away for a night so grandma can babysit!

Midge and Little A played dress up most of Saturday so I baked some Udis packet brownies. Total cheat and mine are actually better because I know the measurements but packet ones are so much more chocolaty and I was craving that!

I got some happy mail at last! January's Kawaii box and post from a friend which included a lovely mini cupcake diary. Perfect for me Id say!

It was incredibly spring like on Tuesday, I got to bring my pumps out!// My December Kawaii box finally came// Hubbies hot chocolate at Weatherspoons//Little A wanting to take photos// My first Costa in 2 weeks!// After my rather big filling at the dentist (it still hurts now)// Riding his balance bike to school// Little A and Mummy 'selfie' time// Date night surprise dinner// Hubby happy with his meal// I baked brownies on Saturday whilst Midge and A played dress up// New diary from my friend

Next week Midge turns 7 and has her first proper school trip on Tuesday where she leaves in the morning and won't return until the evening: exciting! I'm hoping my friend visits but she's been a little poorly lately and so have her brood, so I won't get too excited just yet. I hope you've all had a good first week/second week (whatever!) into 2015 and do share any good moments with me or link up with Hannah too (by clicking the badge on this post)

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Rachael Jess said...

I always find Costa tastes better when someone else buys it ;)
Great piccies, my little one got a balance bike for Christmas, I'm not sure of them to be honest by my partner swears by it!

Hannah said...

Yay for surprise dates :) I'm so glad you had a lovely time! Ahh Costa - I'm missing it loads here... the village we're hopefully moving to has one, and I've got to admit that it has swayed my decision somewhat ;)

Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx