Our Week That Was Captured #3

Last week was a difficult week. It started with Monday turning up at a last minute dental appointment to have a look at a filling put in 4 days earlier. This was cancelled and moved to a later time so I got on with my day heading to my appointment later. 3 numbing injections later I was still in a lot of discomfort. Turns out the first filling was irritating my nerves and that the dentist had placed it too deep. Needless to say I left very unhappy and in a lot of pain!

I still felt bad on Tuesday but it was to be expected. I got hardly any sleep and couldn't even muster the enthusiasm to plan Midges birthday. I simply did as little as possible, lived off painkillers and sat on the sofa! I obviously had school runs to do and Little A had fun on his bike. By Wednesday things were a little easier. I don't recall doing anything other than plodding about though! I planned exactly what was happening with the birthday girl and oh yes, I managed a Costa. The wrap was lovely but the sweet hot chocolate was over ambitious!

Thursday I zipped about with my mum doing dump runs and charity shop drop offs. That felt good. My house still needs emptying but it's lighter than before! We had some fun in the evening chatting and messing about with my Kawaii box glasses (mum took her first selfie!) we enjoyed soup for tea, yum yum.

On Friday Kat arrived! We headed to Pizza Hut with Midge and her cousin and met with a friend and her daughter. I got to have a chicken pizza which was delicious! The girls had a great time too. I also got my hair cut much shorter, a relief.

Saturday was birthday time! I stayed home with Kat, Little A and the beautiful baby girl whilst Jay took Midge and G to soft play for a few hours. We enjoyed cake and a sort of family meal out at Weatherspoons for dinner. Lovely!

Terrible tooth pain// Book no.2 of 26 Books// Recovering silliness// At the hairdressers//Little A greets T with cuddles// Pizza Hut fun// Birthday cake!// A big thumbs up from soft play// Saying by this beauty

This week I have my follow up at the dentist which terrifies me; I've hardly slept. Soon it'll be done though. It's hubbies 25th birthday at the weekend, so there'll be cake and football no doubt! Until then :)
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  1. Oh no what a start to your week, I truly have a fear of the dentist and my teeth are hurting just reading your post, I hope it is feeling much better now?