Midge Turns 7!

On Saturday my beautiful little girl turned 7 years old. She's been in count down mode since Christmas (!) so naturally, the nearer the day became, the more excitement filled our house until the morning of the 17th, when I was awoken by the prodding of a finger and a huge grin! The day before we went to Pizza Hut meeting up with a friend an her daughter and Kat visited with her baby girl for the weekend too which was lovely. 

 For the birthday itself, Midge came down to her presents which included many Frozen gifts and a       new bike. Check out this wonderful look on her face:

Jay took her and our niece to a soft play center then returned home for homemade, Frozen-inspired birthday cake and a meal out at Weatherspoons which was delicious! It was quite a big meal with her Nanny, Grandma, Auntie, plus Kat, Jay and I, Little A and her cousin. But it was very nice and she was happy, which is all that matters.

We were all pretty tired by the end of the day so they girls went up to their bed to watch a film while I made hot chocolate with marshmallows and a 'midnight' snack. I can't quite believe my Midge is 7 already...it's all going faster and faster. It's funny, because Little A is behind he seems like he's not really growing up much at all, whereas Midge has always been quite sensitive, mature and helpful which means I sometimes forget her actual age! I'm glad she enjoyed her day because naturally she means the world to us. Love you lots Squidgy Midge!