The Week That Was Captured #1

The first week of January hasn't gotten off to a great start what with coming out in a horrid cold and Little A getting sick, but he's better now and we did kick off the year in a lovely way with family New Years dinner.

On this week:

I re-read some favourite books

Had lovely cuddles with my little girl before she went to my Mums for new year. I stayed home with Little A and Hubby went out to celebrate. I actually had a good night bar some fighting on our usually quiet road and I always worry about Hubby going out! I don't think I slept until 5am after A woke at half 2!

We spent New Year's Day at my parents and saw my aunt and gran. My sister cooked a delicious 3 course meal which we all loved and then we had some presents from mums Christmas tree (yes really!) the tree was cheeky this year and bought me some sweet Christmas knickers and chocolates. I do love our tree present tradition at mums.

I came down with a horrid cold within hours of leaving my mums and stayed like that for a few days. Little A got sick so we had lots of all night snuggles.

We met up with Jason's family and had lunch with them at Weatherspoons. It was a lovely day but no photos because I make an effort not to take my phone out all the time when eating out with family.

I bought some treats for myself in the works. I'm planning on scrap booking 2015!

Fvourite novels// Mums tree// Spending time 'together' on New Years Eve// New Years Day fun with make up// Starter//Poorly Little A

Cupcake Mumma


  1. How nice to be treated to lovely meals! Hope you are feeling much better now following your cold. It's grim isn't it? I came down with a cold too :(
    Happy New Year and happy scrap booking :) x

    1. We were rather spoliled with a lovely meal i must admit! Hope youre back to full health too! Happy New Year Lorna xx