Making Chocolate with Little A

A few months ago my friend bought me a surprise gift: a raw chocolate kit. It came with chocolate powder, syrup and butter all in its raw form ready for me to make up a batch. I made these before little A had nursery so you can see that they don't take long to make.

A got involved with the stirring of the melted butter:

We added cocoa powder together (very messy!) and kept stirring until it looked so glossy and delicious.

I added the syrup, but A could have done it with the amount I put in. I still try to make my dark chocolate sweeter than its supposed to be..into the silicone mold it goes! This came in the set too.

An hour or so later the chocolates were popped out and we had fun eating homemade, rich chocolates on the nursery run!

Cupcake Mumma

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