My Week That Was Instagrammed 6!


Sunday was the day after the sleepover. Midge came home at 11pm the previous night so camped in the attic with the boys and Jay. During the day, I painted their faces before they left for home, we did last minute homework (as you do!) and made some crisp chocolate cookies!


Not much happened today. There was the usual school run and I collected some bits from town for a gift swap I'm taking part in. I posted my gift for September to a fellow blogger whose little boy had an operation today. A better photo will be up on a post shortly!


We all walked Midge to school which she loves very much. Once we said goodbye we went to town and picked up a few bits. It was lovely to see the moon still out at 8am so I snapped a picture (much to a passerby's  amusement!) Oh yes, and today I ate quite a bit of chocolate....Just so you know...


Wednesday was a tidy up day for us (so naturally Daddy and Little A took this as a perfect opportunity to mess around!) It was also 'bill paying day' which we all love don't we? I took a breif moment before bed to look out of the skylight and see the nights view. I love all the lights and the fresh air. Very relaxing.


We did our weekly shop today treating ourselves to lunch in the cafe while we were there. I don't why I waste my money to be honest but it's something to do together isn't it? It was another lovely day so I enjoyed a slow walk to school to collect Midge and my nephew. The Poptarts are just to tease my little sister who is up in university and can't possibly afford the new American Poptarts in our local stores new American section..I know i'm so mean..


It was a surprisingly windy but warm day today. I had a lovely stroll to school with Little A, treated both little ones to a magazine and sweetie for being well behaved and finally found a gluten and dairy free soup! It's called Amys kitchen and is so good! I have made my own many times but I'm just not a good soup maker so I'll stick with this Italian flavour soup despite the price. I also had a delicious rice dish for dinner with free from naan bread. Both my two pinched every last bit of my yummy bread! I really scored some brownie points today by treating hubby to the new FIFA game. Go me!


I had an awful day in all honesty! I couldn't sleep until 2am and little A woke at 4.30 in the morning to get up! Jay got up with him but failed in giving me a decent lay in by allowing the children to create so much noise I got up anyway! The whole day was spent bickering, solo parenting, witnessing hideous tantrums and lots of back chat. The only good thing about Saturday was my hot cross buns turned out really well and tasted delicious. Oh and Jay came home from football to take over!

What have you all been up to this past week? Do visit more lovely blogs over at Make, Do and Push!


Mummy, is Father Christmas Real?

That's the question I was faced with yesterday evening as I sat outside watching my children eat their dinner. Midge is only five, I really didn't expect her to ask this question for quite some time.
I told her; "Yes, of course he is real!" and she was happy with my reply (thankfully.) It just totally took me back. I didn't even know that Midge knew what 'pretend' really meant.

"I thought he might be pretend Mum, that's all."

I asked her why she thought this? I wondered if already children in her class were taking away such a special part of childhood. It's hard when they go to school and are surrounded by children who have older siblings. Older siblings that perhaps take great joy in teasing their younger siblings about the reality of Christmas time.

I just felt really sad that she has already, most probably, heard about whose really behind good old Father Christmas. I believed in Father Christmas for quite some time. Much longer than most parents would let it drag on. I was never bullied because in the end I kind of knew, I just really wanted to believe! I never said anything to fellow peers because I knew I'd be teased for believing in him.

I am pleased Midge accepted my little white lie and that she hasn't mentioned it since. I just hope she can hold onto these special childhood beliefs for much longer than most children seem to these days.


Ten Things to Smile About September

This week has seen the last Tuesday of the month come and go already, so it's time to link up with the lovely EmmyMom and share with you all the 10 things that have (and still are) making me smile this month.

1.Midge started year 1 and seems to have settled in really well. We're really working on her reading and getting there slowly but surly. She loves math and seems to be growing in confidence with every week that goes by.

2.We've lived in our new home for a month now and I love it. I love how quiet the road is and how it's a bit out of the way of town. I love our long garden and the freedom both children have here. I hope this is home for a long time!

3.My niece and nephews had their first sleep over here! First I had Midge and G for a girls night, then last week was a boys night in with Jay. I painted their faces the next day and they watched a local football match. I preferred the girls night so I'm doing it again this weekend!

4.My sister is back up country in the house she'll be living in for her 2nd year at university. As much as I miss her and Skype just isn't the same, it's exciting that she's doing something good for her future and I wish her all the best.

5.I sent off another Year in Gifts parcel yesterday. I can't believe I only have 3 months left to go before I have completed my little project. 2014 will be focused on Project Kindness which I'm really excited about.

6.Whittling down my Christmas list nice and early and preparing my annual Halloween party for Midge, A and their cousins has kept me busy and smiling all month. I love Halloween and being organised for Christmas makes me feel much calmer about the event and I look forward to it even more.

7. I'm a student again! I got some course materials through from the Open University and soon i'll be studying Arts and Literature. It's only an access course to see if university study is for me so I'm not sure what will happen. I'll just let it guide me.

8. We bought a new hamster! Her name is Maisy and she's adorable. A very welcome early birthday gift and addition to our household.

9. My Mum came over tonight to give me some much needed TLC after a long day. I've felt pretty rough this week and Little A has been sleeping awfully bad again which is such a shame (and so tiring!) She did the dishes for me and cooked me some tea which was great. I love my Mum!

10. My brother has finally flown the nest! He has set up home with some good friends and seems to be doing really well. His girlfriend is at university and has settled in good but I know he's missing her a bit. It'll be nice to have everyone around some time for a big family roast and that'll probably be Christmas time to be honest!

Do check out everyone elses reasons to smile this month when you have a moment. I'm also linking up with Michelle at Mummy from the Heart and her lovely link up Reasons to be Cheerful.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


Be Nice on the School Run Please Parents!

So as I draft this up I'm about half way to pick up some little monsters from school. Yep, I'm on the school run. I don't dislike the school run because it's a fair walk or because of the weather. I don't dislike it because it's super busy and all you parent drivers go pretty crazy at this time of day (ok those are definitely reasons why I hate the school run)

But do you know what makes the whole school run experience even worse? No not your buggy up my ass or your kid running over my foot with their scooter. It's when you're not nice!

There are Mums and Dads at this school and schools all over the country who are mean, who are rude and just down right unpleasant. They have their groups, they have their after morning school run meet ups and have plenty to chat about and that's great that they have friends and that there are little communities split all over the place but why be rude to those who aren't in your circle or like me who aren't in any circle!?

There's one mum here who i once looked at,smiled at even said hello to. She looked straight through me, she blanked me and then she turned away. That's just mean. The only time one of the mums in my daughters class acknowledges me is when I bring in cupcakes for the parent committee.

Now the reason I bring this up isn't because it bothers me so much anymore, I just want people to be aware that there are some parents who are very vulnerable, shy, anxious. Some parents need a friendly smile, a 'you alright?' as we do here. It's nice and it makes a difference. Honestly it does.


Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

This week for the Great Bloggers Bake Off I've gone for chocolate crisp cookies. These are basically cookies that are smaller, more cake like and they bake  a little crisp on top to give you that crunch when you eat.

Anyway, here is my delicious chocolatey bake for biscuit week:

You will need:
Pre heat your oven to 180
80g butter
100g chocolate
1/4 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp coco powder
125g caster sugar
150g doves farm plain flour

  • Melt chocolate and butter together
  • Put all dry ingredients into a separate bowl- include the egg here too
  • Add mixed chocolate and butter to your bowl.
  • Mix until you have a soft dough
  • Pop in fridge until you can manage to roll your dough into little balls
  • Roll the dough balls into some icing sugar before popping onto a lined baking tray.

Make sure you have rolled the dough fairly small and that they are well spaced. Bake for about 15-20 minutes. If your bake does turn out like an over sized cookie, just grab a cutter and make cute crispy shapes- work quickly though before it hardens on the outside!

I hope you enjoy! I'm once again linking up with the lovely Jenny and Helen and their Great Bloggers Bake Off!


My week that was Instagrammed 5!

Another week in September that seems to have just flown by. Of course it's another week to share with you all what we've been up to here at Cupcake Towers.


Today was a very chilled out affair. The weather was awful so midge got a lift in to school, I managed to have a nap when Little A did and it was just all pretty relaxed! The evening wasn't so cool though. I was up at midnight watching Thomas the ruddy tank engine with him!


Sadly the sleep situation didn't improve and after a rubbish night I was up at 4.40am only for my alarm to go off at 7.00am for the school run! Luckily Midge got another lift in but this time I got no naps! Jay has been on late shifts so I left him to sleep and got a load of housework done despite needing matchsticks for my eyes- I was that tired! I seemed to just power through Tuesday and I ended up seeing my niece for a short while, playing with A and baking Gooey chocolate cupcakes before the Bake Off came on!


On Wednesday we looked after our niece which was lovely as usual. We did some sensory play with corn flour and water making gloop. Little A raided the cupboards for pasta and T found some cupcake cases to play with. They both loved the feel and we learnt the word 'sticky'. I also spent some time with my mum, we had dinner and watched TV together before she picked my dad up from work which was really nice quality time for us. I also had my first attempt at felting thanks to my crafty creatives kit. I really enjoyed it despite my make not being particularly great! I snapped 2 felting needles! What a doughnut!


I spent the whole day on my bottom (I did clean a little and fetch Midge from school!) but I felt really poorly with this cold. It's so pathetic that a cold can knock you back so much but since i've had children when I get ill, I get ill! One good thing I did today was set an alarm on my phone to make sure I check my smoke and monoxide alarms! I feel very organised!


We went food shopping today and chaity shop hunting! I've spotted some things to buy and filed them in my mind so must visit next week and hope no one else has bought the things I spotted! I spotted this wonderful plate and bowl set. It's in really good condition, all matches and was only £2.50! I also spent the rest of the day sitting down and having regular doses of honey and cinnamon!


Our nephews stayed over for their first sleepover here. They've been wanting to try out the attic room ever since they saw it, so they came over and Midge went over to her Aunts for the night! I walked into town with Little A, we bought some Halloween bits (I love our light up spiders!) we kicked the leaves and chatted (as best we could!) It was lovely having some quality time and no tantrums. I'm loving the Autumn feel out there right now.


A Neighbour in Need

When I moved house a month ago I was worried about my neighbour whom both Jay and I had befriended. He was funny, he looked out for our house while we were out with his little camera on his door, he stood up to any youths that gave him trouble (and won- with handshakes to boot) he was nice to the children and said he couldn't hear Little A's early hour tantrums and head banging. If he could he never let on.

Sadly this neighbour has never been fit as a fiddle in all the time I've known him, but just before we moved he took a turn for the worse. When we moved he was quite upset and worried about his new neighbours. Before us there was a young couple who argued a lot and judging by the holes in the walls one or both of them were violent too. They must have been a nightmare to live next to sometimes! Before them were people selling drugs, so I could understand his concerns. Thankfully the people who are moving in are apparently very nice so I am pleased.

When we moved I knew my old neighbour would take in any post for us and he has done since we've been in our new home. I hadn't visited him for a while so thought I'd pop in to ask if he'd been bothered with our mail over the past couple of weeks. When he opened the door I could see he wasn't right. He looked shattered and unwell. I didn't even ask him about my mail, I looked at him 'Are you OK?' I asked. He then invited me in.

Nearly 2 hours I spent with my old neighbour today. He sees his daughters, one of them regularly so I'm not completely worried about him. I know his youngest daughter was visiting him tonight for example. In those 2 hours I let his dog out, I fed her, cleaned up some glass he had smashed in his sleep and we talked. We talked about all his wonderful ornaments: swords, skulls, history artifacts. We spoke about him completing his bucket list after he retired. We had a laugh, he told me how he's been on constant pain relief, had the ambulance out recently and is still not right. I tried to persuade him going away alone in October wasn't a good idea. So he called his doctor for a check up which went well today.

I didn't want to leave. It was just him and his dog, Daisy. I've been thinking about him all day but I know he's alright. I know he has people to call. Today I made sure he had one extra person to call: Me. To walk his dog. To feed her. To buy his shopping, clean his house or just spend some time with him.

I wasn't sure about knocking on his door this morning. I was worried about disturbing him, intruding. Turns out it was the best thing I could have done.

Reasons To Be Cheerful!

This week my reasons to have a big smile on my face are:

I had a wonderful day yesterday with my niece and little A. We didn't do much; lots of chilling out with a certain pig and tank engine on TV. We tried on shoes and both little ones had a nice afternoon snooze. The best bit though was our sensory play. We mixed cornflour and water together to make gloop and had such a fab time!

I spent an evening with my mum yesterday. Admittedly most of it was spent watching glitchy British Bake Off (cheers Internet) or running up and down to a stuffed up Midge, and admittedly again it ended up in me holding a suspected full-of-cold toddler for the last hour of the evening as he slept on me but hey, we chatted, we caught up, had a nice dinner and just appreciated each others company. Can't complain really!

I've made a real dent in my Christmas shopping, I'm making my final payment next week for my shopping vouchers and I've even made some Christmas cards. Every blooming year I tell myself i'll make the cards but every year I get too close to the big day so this time I'm well ahead and very pleased! I'm super looking forward to Halloween and my birthday first though so no more Christmas planning for now!!

I hope you can all find some reasons to be cheerful this week even if its just one.


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

A Gooey Chocolate Cupcake!

It's National Cupcake Week and i think you'd agree with me that it'd be pretty rude of me not to post a cupcake recipe this week. I've got a gluten and dairy free gooey chocolate cupcake recipe for you all here so i hope you enjoy!

110g Doves Farm self raising flour
110g caster sugar
110g dairy free butter (I use vitilite)
2 eggs
1/2 tsp Baking powder
1 tsp Vanilla essence
50g Coco Powder
Tesco Finest dark chocolate copped up into fair sized chunks

Cream the butter and sugar together. Add your eggs mixing well.
Add your flour, baking powder, vanilla and coco powder. Give your mixture a good stir before adding the chocolate chunks and separating into cupcake cases.
Bake on 180 for about 15/20 minutes (My oven is pretty fast so do keep an eye!)

If you love cupcakes like I do, then you just have to bake some on national cupcake week!



There are a few ways in which I'm learning to have a bit more patience at the moment and I'd be lying if I said I was doing wonderfully well at it. I'm not known for my patience, not in the slightest. Since I've had children I've gained a lot more and believe me, if you don't allow the room to get more you're in for a tough ride!

Here are a few ways in which I'm having to learn to let that old patience of mine stretch:

Children are slow. 
Oh my word can they be slow! I sometimes walk 3 children back at a time after school.My eldest nephew keeps up wonderfully, he loves having a good chat with me- just yesterday we were discussing first aid, CPR and Scouts..he's 7! Midge is obviously used to the school run walk so keeps up only needing the odd prompt but the other two, the snail paced twins as we all jokingly refer to them, have to be moaned at constantly to keep up or be almost dragged up the hills. It's rather funny really (that's my patience kicking in!) and I can't really blame them. These days I've learnt to just keep talking, make jokes and hold their hands for the best chances of getting home on time!

Late night wake ups. 
They are hideous and my patience is still struggling to stretch on this one. For me, Little A should be sleeping through in his own bed and not disturbing me until morning unless he has a nightmare or is unwell or something else rather obvious. I'm still really, really trying to keep a check of myself during these moments but it's tough, you are required to be at your best when you are at your worst!

The school run.
You need a lot of that old patience on the school run with kids on scooters running over your toes, cycles threatening to take out your children and I'm always stuck behind the parent who can't wait until they get home to read the newsletter/text message they just got thus holding everybody up. Then you have to be patient as the teachers keep your child next to last, or other parents stand in your way completely blocking you from the teachers view.
There are of course some parents who generally just get caught up in the rush of multiple kids running out and piling 'stuff' on them, they apologise, they are OK. If you are patient....

I nearly forgot meal times! I could throw my own tantrum at meal times I can tell you but in recent months I've learnt to stay calm, feed Midge what she likes, occasionally try and get her to try something new and if she does great! And if not oh well, we'll try again another day. See, patience!

There are so many more examples I could give you but I want to know what your patience is like and what really gets you counting to 10 very, very slowly?


My Week That Was Instagrammed 4!

I'm finally joining this lovely link up with Hannah at Make do and Push! I've had a fairly average week but managed to get some nice photos from each day.

On Monday I dropped Midge off to school after a lovely easy start to the morning. We chatted in the kitchen, I made her lunch box up and then she spotted a rainbow as she looked out the window. I snapped a picture for us to remember it because we hadn't seen one in such a long time. The new walk to school is much longer but thankfully we don't always have to walk in the rain!

On Tuesday my sister in law and niece came over for the whole day. It was lovely catching up and watching little A and T play together. Later on A was a bit tired so I got some wonderful mummy cuddles!

On Wednesday I met up with my mum who took me for a drink at Costa after the school run and we did our food shop together. I'm always grateful for this because the alternative is loads of bags on the buggy and one massive hill to negotiate too!
In the afternoon Jay went to collect Midge from school. I noticed time was ticking by and they were getting rather late when a taxi pulled up outside the house. Out gets Midge jay and...a new hamster! Maisy is our newest addition and I love her just as much as I loved Crunchie

We had breakfast at Wetherspoons in the morning (poor midge misses out because of school!) I was going to have some time to myself but after one shop it was raining so heavily I made a dash for home instead! I sat having cuddles with A and eating chocolate and refused to go outside again!
The best part of the day though was midge losing her 3rd tooth in the morning. I got to play tooth fairy in the evening!

A miserable day weather wise. I made it pj day until we went and collected Midge and her cousins from school. My niece and midge stayed in our attic room, we had a girly evening as soon as A went to bed where we painted our nails, drank hot chocolate and dunked biscuits all while under a big duvet. I loved having my niece to stay and I think midge had a fab time.


 We all had a surprisingly good sleep so were wide awake on Saturday. I baked some custard tarts and chilled out with the children while Jay went to football. We had a cheeky take out meal for tea before coming home and all getting into bed. It is so cold now!

Hopefully well have some autumn fun this week but I can feel a cold coming on so I won't hold my breath!



A Year in Gifts July

I realise we're in September now but I've been a little slow in keeping up with my gift giving promise to myself. I still have an August gift sat in my house, I guess moving home got in the way! Now we're all straight I can catch up on my July gift and send off my August one! For July I packaged up some 'back to work' goodies for my lovely Dad.

After goodness knows how many years as a Groundsman at the local Navy base, he now works as a carer in a local home for people with learning difficulties. I'm so proud of him for making this huge move. To celebrate, I put together a small box of bits including: some decent coffee to keep him awake as he gets used to long shifts, chocolate (just because he's a chocoholic) a new mug for his workplace (because everyone has their own mug right?) And lastly some pens and a handy note book to keep his shift dates and notes safe.

Dad really appreciated his gift, my sister pinched some chocolate (I wasn't supposed to tell you that) and most importantly I'm pleased to say he's doing really well in his new job. 40-60 hour weeks and all, go Dad!


On Being the Tooth Fairy

I love my Mum jobs. Ok I love some of my Mum jobs. Being cook and cleaner can do one as far as I'm concerned because last night I got to be the tooth fairy.

Being tooth fairy is second to being Father Christmas and the Christmas Eve Elf (which we all know is awesome) obviously my children have no idea we play these rolls and I hope to keep it that way for as long as possible.

I crept into the bedroom at about 10 o clock to check on my two sleeping babies all snuggled under their covers, tucked up warm. I quietly slipped my hand under Midge's pillow to retrieve her very carefully wrapped up tooth and replaced it with a whole pound coin. She woke me up at 11 because she had an accident, we got her changed and settled but she walked back in 10 minutes later with a huge grin on her face which showed off that 3rd gap in her mouth in all it's glory. In her tiny little hand was the pound coin I'd left only an hour earlier.

'Look mum my tooth must have been really good and clean! I got big money this time! The fairy has taken my tooth to her castle hasn't she?'

I tucked her back into bed and sat on my own looking at this tiny white tooth in the palm of my hand. I really do love some of my Mum jobs.


Gluten Free Petit Fours- Great Bloggers Bake Off!

Wow, so already it is week 3 of the Great Bloggers Bake Off. This was really hard for me. I didn't want to chance making dairy free floating islands (or more like I couldn't be bothered) and either the prep was too long or I had to buy extra things in (normally online!) to make the perfect and scrummy trifle. There's no messing with a trifle but it can be done both gluten and dairy free with some planning and patience- neither of which I've had this week.

I was about to give up when I thought going simple was better than not doing anything at all. So for week 3 I give you gluten and dairy free Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut Petit Fours!

To make the cake:

110g butte- I use Vitalite
110g caster sugar
2 Eggs
110g self raising flour - Doves Farm
25g Cocoa Powder
1tsp vanilla essence
1/2 tsp baking powder
1tbsp soya milk
Dairy free chocolate buttons/chips/crushed up chocolate bar

You simply mix all your ingredients together in the above order and pour the mixture into a baking tin. I used a small rectangular one as I wanted small squares. Bake at 180C (pre heated) and leave for 20 minutes.

Tip: Make sure your tin is greased AND lined and  don't open the oven door too early as your cake may sink!

After baking, allow your cake to cool before cutting it into small squares, as many as you can manage and decorate with some chocolate sauce or icing. Sprinkle a few hazelnuts on top and you have yourself a delightfully simple but yummy little chocolate cake! And I'm making it count!!

Do head on over to all the baking fun with Helen and Jenny! I'm off to look at some more tasty bakes and get ready for next weeks challenge!


Back to School! When I Grow up:

I want to be a police officer!

Yesterday was the first day back at school for Midge and she was super excited. I'm always excited for the new school year because education is such a wonderful thing and I believe children should see your positivity about a new beginning for them. Having said that, it's a little sad to see them grow up so quickly isn't it!

Here's Midge showing off her new uniform with our yearly tradition of having a photo with her new school year and her future job idea.

Last year she wanted to be a baker! I think it's great fun. I wonder what she'll want to be in year 2!

After we dropped midge off we had some address changes to sort and then had breakfast at Wetherspoons to treat Alfie. He had pancakes while Daddy and I went for English breakfasts. Yum.

On a side note, it's very Autumnal out there today! We're all feeling a little chilly and wrapped up warm. Leaves are falling to the ground on our walks and colour changes are taking place. I love Autumn!


Summer Holiday Round Up

It's not what it seems. There's no smug mum sat here I can tell you. Here's a little break down of a little of our six week break:

2 smashed glasses
2 grazed knees
1 split lip
Too much bickering
1 bathroom flood
A hell of a lot of screaming
Countless ' I am hungry' moans
6 well over budget food shops
1 phone minus handy screen protector
1 new pair of stockings destroyed
1 stomach bug
2 bank accounts crying in despair
Copious amounts of chocolate consumed (me)
New found appreciation for alcohol (me)
1 cookie explosion
£8 lost in pocket money
1 last minute house move

Of course there are more positive things to our summer holidays but where's the fun in posting that!


Gluten Free Focaccia Bread for The Great Bloggers Bake Off

It's week two of the Great Bloggers Bake Off and this week, following the theme of the weekly shows prompts, we have been asked to post up a bread recipe! I was slightly worried about this challenge as making gluten and dairy free bread is notorious for being a bit hit and miss!

Anyway, I rose to the challenge (and thankfully so did my dough!) and here is my finished Caramelised Red onion , Garlic and Thyme gluten free focaccia bread:

How to make it: 1 Loaf
Some butter for greasing
450g white bread flour (I used a self raising flour as shop had sold out!)Self raising flour
2 tsp dried yeast (I use Alison's dried active yeast)
2 tsp Caster sugar
350ml warm soya milk
2 eggs beaten
1 garlic clove finely chopped
rock salt
cracked black pepper
Olive oil ( I used a garlic infused oil )

Caramelised Onion:
50g butter
2 small red onions sliced
Thyme (4-5 sprigs)

First make your onions by popping them into a pan with some butter, add the thyme and gently heat the onion until it is soft and caramelised. Remove this from the heat and cool until you need it.

Grease a tin and line with baking paper.

Sift your flour into a bowl. In a separate bowl mix the yeast, sugar and warm milk leaving it to stand for 10-15 minutes at room temperature until frothy. Mix your eggs into the same bowl and add the mixture to your flour.

Transfer the dough into your tray, pushing it out to the edges. It may be a little runnier than a normal dough so don't panic. Cover with a damp tea towel for 45 minutes until it has doubled in size. Preheat your oven to 180C

Spread your onion and thyme mix onto the dough, pushing down some of your onion and thyme gently with your fingertips.. Cover the top with the garlic, salt and pepper then bake for 30-35 minutes until golden and crusty. You can eat the bread hot or cold. Personally I liked it (almost) straight from the oven!

I really hope you enjoy making this bread if you give it a go. I will say it's best eaten fresh and will not really last until the next day very successfully! But for me at least, it was pretty moreish and even my hubby liked it and he's not fond of onion! Do link up your tasty bakes with Jenny and Helen too!


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